Why I Stopped Blogging.

Why I Stopped Blogging.

I know. I haven't blogged in a while. State the obvious, why don't I.

Well, a big huge reason is that I've been really busy building my little business. I happily eat, sleep, and breath my business. You know, between kids, therapies, appointments, making dinner, seeing other human beings, team management...so when I have a spare hour or two after everyone is in bed if I'm not working, I'm plopping myself in front of my DVR to catch up on everything BravoTV. 

Something has gotta give so I've given up cleaning my house. And exercising. And blogging. 

It's not absolute. Those are just the things that kind of got swept to the side. BUT I did start running again this week, I cleaned my house today (kind of), and here I am. Blogging it out. 

So why did I stop blogging? I think the biggest reason by far is that I was just OVER IT. If you've read anything on this blog you know I have strong opinions. And writing a controversial post with a strong opinion is fun and all because it gets lots of traffic and comments but it also brings a lot of drama and "discussion," which isn't really discussion but rather arguments. I used to be feistier, believe it or not. In my twenties I'd go toe to toe, round for round and at the end walk away not thinking anything about it.

But now it bothers me. The drama really affects me and I think about. Sometimes for days. And it's the worst when I've offended someone I love or hurt someone I care about. That actually happened a few times. I got a couple of "Was that about me?" questions. It was right around that time that I just lost my taste for it. 

I guess I should clarify that not all blogging is like this. But the type of blogging - this snarky mom blogging - that I was falling into was what had to go. When I stopped doing it and got involved with a lot more positive happenings I realized how much of it was around on social media. Whether it's called a blog post or an "online article" every frickin' day there is some type of parent shaming article. 

Things not to say to your toddler.
Ways not to ruin your kid's life.
Stop telling me to hate my child.
Stop panicking about your kid getting stolen.
Start panicking about your kid getting stolen. 

They should really all just be called You're not doing it right.

Every post was about someone out there and I just didn't give a crap anymore! And I was rolling my eyes at all these lists and this parenting "advice" from other parents who are blogging or complaining or whatever you want to call it. So I just stopped reading.

And I've been in a seek out the positive kind of way so I started turning away. 

"But Shauna," you say, "you have written stuff just as snarky and opinionated! You're kind of doing it right now."

Yes. You are absolutely right. And I was and am over myself. Those conversations I'm saving for close friends and wine and no longer projecting it to anyone who reads.

And then there was the end of last year bleeding into the beginning of this year. Two significant and totally unrelated relationships in my life abruptly and kind of dramatically ended. And it felt like a death. But an angry death. Meaning I was angry. I consider writing an honesty exercise for me. It's what's true for me. And if I was writing angry I was afraid I couldn't contain it and I'd end up voicing very strong opinions about both situations. Not positive or progressive AT ALL. So not writing became an exercise in silence and being still. There's a time to stand up for yourself but there's also a time to let it marinate and ultimately let it be.

With the demise of those relationships came some self reflection. (Yay!) I'm seeking to go in a direction where I'm surrounding myself with positive influences and positive relationships. And those situations didn't really fit that goal, no matter how painful it was to let them go. 

For the record I'm not talking about my husband. So don't get all worried. We just went on our annual Vegas trip. We're fine and dandy.

So, if you see me on Facebook, I'm actively seeking out the positive. Speaking of which, I'm redoing a desk and turning it into a vanity. I even used....wait for it...chalk paint. Well, paint me Pinterest! And I thought, hey, this would be fun to blog about! I do love me a craft project. And then I got the guts to blog again.

So here I am. Getting ready to blog about my fun vanity creation. Maybe a recipe. Makeup tutorials? And maybe other things. 

But for now, hello again.

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