DIY Vanity: Chalk Paint is my friend.

DIY Vanity: Chalk Paint is my friend.

I seriously love a DIY project. I love it with my whole heart. Especially, ESPECIALLY if it's super easy and doesn't cost me a lot of money or time.

So with my current little business I've accumulated quite the stash of makeup and beauty products. And it just kept growing and growing and growing. My makeup station was taking over my small bathroom. There was bronzer dust on the sink and eye liner on the shower door where I had dropped it in the middle of an attempted winged eye. It was all very dramatic.

I finally determined I wanted a vanity. I needed a vanity. I've always fantasized about having one since I was a little girl. So the prospect of actually having one of my own was super exciting. I get excited by little things and I'm not sorry about it.

So then my husband was all, "Hey, I'm getting rid of this white wash, wannabe south western, module desk." (I might be adding in details.) And so I was all, "Hell, yeah! Chalk paint here I come!"

I had never even used chalk paint. But off I went on a quest for chalk paint. I picked out some charcoal chalk paint at Michael's and also found out that you don't even really have to prep furniture when you chalk paint it. The one thing that keeps me from painting ALL THE THINGS is the fact that I have to sand and prep and sand and prep whatever needs painting. And that's enough for me to forget the whole thing.

Not chalk paint. Chalk paint understands.

I was also hypnotized by the Martha Stewart collection of stencils so I caved on that, too. I also got some coral glass knobs from Homegoods. Oh, and a Sleeping Beauty mirror. It was rather essential considering that I already ask my bathroom mirror Who is the fairest of them all? She always says me.

So here's the desk. Isn't it lovely?

DIY desk chalk paint

And by lovely, I mean boring and drab and hideous.

DIY chalk paint

Then painting happened. Then sanding to make it look all antiqued. And then the blessed Martha Stewart stenciling.

charcoal chalk paint stencil

It moves in.

DIY Vanity Desk chalk paint stencil

But wait! We need a chair! All chairs that I want cost over $100. What about that chair hanging out in the garage? That'll do.

For Mother's Day, husband got me a window panel with this print specifically for reupholstering this chair. I don't know if he understood he'd be doing the reupholstering. (Thanks, Honey!)

And this is what we ended up with!

DIY Vanity

I'm ridiculously happy with it. I probably spent around $75 for this DIY project and most of that is in the mirror. I love it, I love it, I love it! I mean, it's practically a business NECESSITY, guys.

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  1. I love this!! I have a sideboard I've been meaning to paint for like six months but "haven't gotten around to it." (AKA, I have the lazy.) I may try adding some stencils when I finally do it!


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