A New Journey

A New Journey

Why I'm Now Selling Magical Mascara

I'm finally blogging again!

I don't know what the dry spell was all about but here I am now.

That's a half lie. I do kind of know what it's about. I was in a rut. Right before my 33rd birthday I was feeling pretty...unfulfilled. 

I hate that word. HATE IT. Because it implies that life with my kids and husband doesn't fulfill me. THAT IS TOTALLY NOT THE CASE. But I also work part time. And THAT was not fulfilling. It was becoming monotonous. And I am totally stealing this term but I have "Career ADD." I want to do all of the things and none of the things. I've never had a problem getting a job. I just get bored and restless really easily and then I start looking for something else.

That was happening and I got the feeling I've had before. It feels like I'm in the middle of an intersection and I'm trying to figure out what direction to proceed and all I know is that there will be change.

So I'm in that space, all angsty and restless. My 33rd birthday week was a blast. Everyone celebrated just as I'd threatened. I got presents and shiny things. And I had made the decision that I was going to be in the positive space. I still hadn't figured out the F word, though.


It was right around that time that a friend of mine was hosting an online Facebook party. I'm invited to many of those, as I'm sure all of you fine people are, but this one was for Younique 3D Fiber Mascara. 

I had been wanting to try that stuff forever!

I love makeup and wear it daily. I had wanted to try eyelash extensions but the upkeep and cost kept me from not pulling the trigger on that decision. I am already pretty high maintenance - hair, nails, spray tans in the summer, the gym...sometimes - it kind of tired me out just thinking of adding one more thing to do to myself.

And I'm terribly uncoordinated when it comes to false eyelashes. I love the look. But my fingers refuse to work with them.

I ordered my 3D mascara. It arrived. I was so excited I ripped open the package and tried it right away. It was love at first lash.

This is me with no mascara where it looks like I have zero lashes. The second picture is of me with my old "ol' faithful" pink and green Maybelline mascara. The bottom picture is Younique 3D Fiber Mascara.

And this is me with one done in Younique and one eye done in Maybelline. Can you tell the difference???

So I'm using it. Daily. I can't get over what a big difference it makes. I take pictures of every before and after. It's amazing stuff. It's not stiff AT ALL and never makes my eyes water, which I thought was part of wearing mascara. One day I'm sitting in front of the mirror putting my magical mascara on and I think to myself - I love this so much I should sell it.

I literally walk over to my laptop, open a Facebook message and there's a message from the Younique Presenter saying, "You should sell this." Not quite like that but you know what I'm saying. It was a match made in heaven.

I thought about it some more. Was this crazy? Am I being silly? Should I really do this?

But the startup was so easy and fast, I was risking nothing and it was all done through online Facebook parties. And for signing on I would get more 3D mascara and makeup? Sold. Seriously, they had me at "more 3d mascara."

We went out of town last weekend and the night I got back last Sunday I signed up. 

Let me tell you, this last week has been so much fun. I'm so glad I signed up for it. I feel like it's something that's fun and girly and just my own. Side money nevah hurt nobody. My only regret is that I didn't get started sooner! I'm feeling that F word coming on.

Another great thing about this is that it's mine!!! Did I already say that? Well, what I mean is that I get to decide what to do with my earnings. I've always wanted to get more serious about donating to ISR scholarships so that infant swim rescue isn't cost prohibitive and so that all families can get this skill for their children. So now I can do that!

My first party is currently happening and a portion of the proceeds to this party will be donated to my friend, Janet, who has a cancerous tumor she has to have removed. Read more about her story here. 


And if you'd like to try the 3d Fiber Mascara for yourself, click on the link below. You'll love it!


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