What I'm Watching Wednesday: Francis Underwood, Nancy Botwin, Tori McDermott, So Nice to Meet You All

What I'm Watching Wednesday

Francis Underwood, Nancy Botwin, Tori McDermott, So Nice to Meet You All

I haven't done a TV post in a long, looong time and I miss it! You'd think I wasn't watching TV but that would just be hilarious because I'm ALWAYS watching something. Many people have asked how I find the time to keep up with so many shows. Two answers: DVR and bed time. I wait until everyone goes to bed, get my big glass of super exciting ice water, sometimes fix a snack, and the night is mine! 

So what am I watching? Well, May sweeps is just about over and summer's crap TV schedule has started so it was time to explore Netflix. And let me just tell you right now, I am a convert. I've looked up old movies from my childhood to show my kids (which takes convincing until the singing and dancing begins) or movies I meant to see and forgot about. We had Netflix last summer for Breaking Bad and Orange is the New Black and then cancelled it when fall came around. But Orange is the New Black is back, bitches! And so is Netflix.

While waiting for OITNB, I decided to check out some other things I've been hearing about from friends that I just had to watch. I had heard nothing but good things about House of Cards and so it began.


Let me preface what I'm about to say by telling you I'm only one season and one episode into the second season down. But I love politics. So, naturally I'm loving this show. I love that there is no heavy bias or sway to either political party. It's a part of the show but so understated because the main goal is power at any cost. Everything is calculated, everything is intentional, and everything is subtle. It was so realistic I woke up the next morning after the first episode thinking - I wonder if they're going to report about...oh, wait, it's a show.

The only thing about House of Cards is that I can't watch more than three episodes in a row. It gets...tiring. It's so subtle that it could pass as slow. But then we saw episode one of the second season and I'm like - Whaaaaaaa?!!!! I knew he was gonna do that. And now I'm pretty convinced both Underwood and his wife are not just calculating, but a little evil. Or maybe a lot evil. We still have season two ahead of us.



Yes, I'm late to the game with this one. It's been on since 2005. But I wanted to find something to watch during House of Cards breaks and maybe something I could watch during the day if the kids were asleep or cleaning the house. Ha ha! Just kidding. I don't clean the house. 

So I started watching. Then husband sits down and starts watching. I like it. And now he likes it, too. Know what that means? I have to wait for him and promise not to skip ahead! Gaaah! 

And the way these characters look is just about where we are in the series. Season 2, I think.


Yup, I'm watching. I can't really look away. Do I think it's real? I'm gonna go with not really. I think it's loosely based on actual events not unlike Tori's made for TV movie dramas, but the filming, the strange therapy sessions, and sequence of events just don't give me that real feeling. Oh, but I'm still watching that train wreck. I don't believe all of it, but I'm still watching. Next week is THE REUNION where Tori and Dean answer questions about whether the affair and the show are fake (I'm not the only one who thinks that, surprisingly.)

www.jezebel.com - And they also have a great rundown on how untrue this story seems.


You know I gotta keep up with my ladies! Real quick run down:

OC: Vicki is still a bitch. There are two new girls - Shannon and Lizzy. Vicki has a problem with Lizzy's name because it's shortened. Because Vicki isn't short for anything, right? I like Lizzy. She's smart and pretty and everything Vicki hates. Shannon seems really cool and funny during interviews but during filming with the girls she seems scarily unstable and horribly rude and mean to her husband. I was beginning to tire of pretentious Heather last season and my fatigue has only been confirmed with even more pretentiousness this season. Just move Heather over to RHOBH already. For now Tamra seems to be the only reasonable one and if TAMRA is the only sane one this season, there's a problem. On that note, future scenes show Tamra running from everyone screaming, "You'll never see me again!!!" Let's fast forward to that, please.

NY: The NY ladies are truly a different breed. Everyone but Kristen needs a makeover. Maybe it's because I'm from the west side of the country where things are warmer and hair is blonder, but these ladies? It's just a hot mess of ill placed hair extensions and no stylists. And with all that money? Anyway, much like Vicki from OC is still a bitch, Ramona is still awful. She is just an awful human being. And I'm pretty sure she's sober zero percent of the time. My faves this season are Heather and Carol because they don't take any shit and they also don't take the show too seriously. Ramona, SonJa, and Aviva are the worst. THE WORST. That proposal from Aviva's father, are you f-ing kidding me with this??? This isn't real, right? Aviva and her horny father have cheapened the entire NY housewife franchise if that's even possible. Vasser would not approve. Luanne is no longer a housewife but she's in just about every episode. It's oddly comforting.

NJ can not come soon enough. 


Just watch. She's hysterical. She's dirty and doesn't just dance the line, but leaps over it to Never Never Land. You'll thank me later.


I looked everywhere for an image of her show and they were all funny but way too dirty for this blog. 

That ends my What I'm Watching Wednesday summary. OITNB is coming June 6! It's about to get all orange up in herrr.

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