Recitals and Parenting Redemption

Recitals and Parenting Redemption

Guess who's been sleeping in lately...THIS GIRL!!!

That's right! School is out! However, it didn't just end with nothing to show for the school year. My little boy, Christian, graduated kindergarten and it was a HUGE deal. Read why here.

And Lola had her first dance recital!

It was so adorable. It was like parenting redemption. 

When I saw her up on that stage in her little blue costume and sequined tutu I forgot all about...

...her peeing in her closet.
...her epic, screaming meltdowns when she declares she WILL NOT clean her room, EVER!
...her destroying said room.
...her refusing to eat anything but candy. (Who's daughter is this again?)
...her constantly taking forever to get OUT OF THE CAR FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!

All of that goes away. It's just my perfect little baby angel, fumbling over her steps the best she can remember. It was magical. It's the culmination of all of my fantasies about having a little girl - dancing and tutus and sequins and sparkles.

When the recital was over I went to go get her and she was so excited! She wanted to give me a high five and said, "Mom! Did you see me?"

Did I see her? Of course we saw her! We were in the front row! 

toddler ballet

And then, of course, she got flowers.

So much cuteness!!!

I really believe it's moments like these that make you forget everything that makes you go insane otherwise. 

The last few weeks of the school year were hectic and my little guy had appointments, my daughter had tantrums, and my teenager was being a bratty teenager. But then you get these moments - my little guy graduating Kindergarten after nearly dying almost five years ago, Lola's ballet recital - and it's like a parenting redemption. Oh, and the teenager? He came out of his room recently to just talk to me, and NOT to just ask me for money. See? Parenting win, parenting redemption. It's that moment that comes to you where you're like - Oh, yeah! This is why I had kids! It's kind of fun!

So next time Lola starts screaming bloody murder (which actually happened yesterday) because she is refusing to clean her room after pretty much demolishing it, I'm just going to pull out the video of her recital so I get warm fuzzies again.

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  1. Awww these are the moments that make parenting a joy! The moons must have all been in alignment!


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