6 Reasons to Love Vegas in Your Thirties

So Vegas happened.

I frickin' love Vegas. Love it.

I'm not a gambler. I mean I'll sit at a slot machine and play around on the penny slots until I get bored or run out of what I'm reasonably comfortable wasting, but I have no idea what I'm doing and I rarely spend more than $20 gambling during an entire trip.

I'm not a clubber. I don't club. I don't go to expensive clubs and stand in line (absolutely not) and stay out late and buy expensive bottles of alcohol and make it rain. This isn't a rap video.

I'm in my thirties. I love Vegas for grown up reasons. When we started making this trip an annual thing my love for Vegas grew into a full fledged obsession. We go away every year for our anniversary. We've briefly considered other destinations and we quickly scrap those silly ideas and start planning our Vegas trip.

So why exactly do I like Vegas in my thirties? Here's why:

1. Much like a lady of the night, Vegas is cheap and easy.

We usually stay somewhere really inexpensive. This year we found a deal at the Luxor for $50 a night.

Las Vegas

The rate was great and we thought it would be cool to stay there for the novelty of it all. It's kind of a Las Vegas staple with the light that shines into space and all. We probably won't stay there ever again unless it's free and I'll leave it at that. 

As far as rates go, Vegas has amazing hotel deals. You just have to look. For us it's cheap and easy to go because Vegas is about a six hour drive for us and if you plan right and sign up for perks you can do Vegas for not a lot of money.

2. Speaking of hotels, they are part of the fun.

First of all, I need to mention that the hotels on the strip smell so good. Walking into a beautiful hotel and smelling perfume hit you like a big, flowery wall is awesome. Each hotel has a different theme and visiting different hotels each time we go is fun. This time we spent a lot of time at New York New York, which is kind of funny because I've always said I wanted to hang out there more and then this whole trip it was like I couldn't get away from it.

 New York, New York
Las Vegas

The Cosmopolitan
(A girl's hotel.)

Las Vegas

Surprise, surprise. New York, New York. (Again, again.)
Las Vegas

3. You meet some interesting people.

This is Kimi.

We don't really know Kimi but when she kept screaming, "Woooooohoooo!" and we could hear her clear across the casino floor, we wanted to know what she was on. And what she was on was Asian Pear Martinis and a possible gambling addiction. She threw chips down and screamed, "I don't know what I'm doing!!!" Sometimes she won and sometimes she didn't. She also told us she won $10K last time but lost $8K the time before. She came with a casino host and everything comped. That's how people with money and maybe gambling addicts do Vegas. With a host.

And then we met this dude at this beautiful bar in the Luxor who didn't know how to work an iPhone. Obviously.

4. In Vegas you get to be someone different.

Not that I don't love my life. I love being a mom and I adore my kids but for three days and two nights I get to wear things a little shorter, wear my make up a little heavier, my heels are a little higher, I wear things I would never wear in my own surroundings. There aren't really any schedules, we don't have to be anywhere or report to anyone. We drink if we want, we eat whenever we want, we wake up and go to bed whenever we want. I swear I'm skinnier in Vegas. And everyone is being someone different right along with you. It's glorious.

5. Speaking of drinking, we get to do it during the day. All day if we want.

Las Vegas

And we do day drink at a steady pace. But because we're in our thirties we're done by like 8 o'clock or just in time for Celebrity Apprentice, which actually happened one year. Paaaaartay!

6. There are candy stores everywhere!

My personal favorite. I didn't see as many this time around but I did pick up this little number.

Lick Candy Store, Las Vegas

And Chocolate World is coming soon to a NYNY near you. See you soon, Chocolate World!

Las Vegas

We had a great time with some awesome friends. We didn't see any shows this time but we caught plenty of action on the strip without having to buy any tickets. And we were in bed at a reasonable hour. And I missed my kids and couldn't wait to get home to them. 

And this is Vegas in our thirties.

See you next time, Vegas!


  1. We love Vegas too! We went to Vegas in March and had a blast!

    1. Isn't it so much fun?! I love it and can't wait to go back!

  2. I am going to Vegas in two weeks. This made me even more excited!

  3. I totally fell into Vegas reading this through you and was reminded of why Vegas is awesome. You could drink in the daylight, be a gambling addict, visit NY and France, wear short things with high heels and make no apologies.

    1. 1000% correct. And this is why I keep going back. It's like Disneyland for Mommy and Daddy.

  4. There's also really nice outdoorsy stuff in Vegas for when you want a break from the strip, too. I went on an awesome hike last time I was there! One of my cousins works at the Hard Rock there, the other works at the Cosmopolitan, in one of the restaurants.

    1. So true! Vegas weather and climate is a lot like where I live so being outdoors is a must. And I loooooove the Cosmo. Someday when I'm rich we'll stay there.

  5. Hey Shauna, I saw your post listed on BlogHer. I'm soooo glad I checked it out.

  6. I lived in LA in my 20's and went to Vegas maybe once every few months and I always seemed to hate the place! I was ready to leave within 24 hours. But, like you, I'm not a club person. I'm more a see a show and visits shops type. Plus, the fact that three girls roaming casinos in party dresses and heels tend to get stopped so our IDs could be run (someone later told me they were checking to make sure we weren't "working"). Just, ick! No, we aren't working, we just want to get into some clubs, thanks.

    I do love those penny slots, though. I've always looked at it like any other form of entertainment. I'll spend $20, but am in no way expecting to leave with winnings. That'd just be gravy.

    Glad you had fun!

  7. Stopping by from SITS Sharefest! The last time I was in Vegas I was 22 but after reading post, and now that I'm in my 30's, it might be time to go back!

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