Road to an Imperfect Life: Good Hair

Joining Jen from Drinking the Whole Bottle again on the Road to an Imperfect Life.

Her contribution this week was about after baby hair loss and regrowth. I was all set to write about some other imperfection I had (I mean, there aren't many), but after I read  her post I had all sorts of things to say about HAIR.

Have you ever been teased? Like when you were a kid? Did your ears stick out? Was your nose big? Were you overweight as a child? Everyone has their thing they were teased about. I had a few things. But my main thing - the one that sticks with me to this day - is my hair.

I was born with none. And the fuzz that was there was bright white. Just picture two oversized eyes and a giant bald head and that's me.

My hair grew. A little. 

I had tiny blond curls that sat on the top of my head going nowhere. I look like a blond little German child. Fun fact, these pictures were taken in Germany when my dad was in the service. But, no, I'm not German. I don't think.

All I wanted was long flowing hair. I used to wear a famous purple hooded jacket and long scarves and pretend it was my hair. 

Oh, remember when I said my little blond curls went nowhere? Well, that was except for when I slept. Then they went everywhere but where they were supposed to go.

I'm an 80's child. Shout out to Rainbow Brite.

When I was in the dreaded middle school hell years is when I started getting teased about it. Because I had and have thin hair and back then it was so blond and fine that you could literally see through it, kids would tease me. A lot. Even adults, too. And I don't think my mom knew what to do with it. I don't think she saw a problem. Or if she did, she lied. She tried to French braid it but I just looked like George Washington with a puny little braid curling out of the bottom of my head.

The teasing was enough to scar me for life. I would compare it to someone who was a chubby kid. All that kid wants is to fit in and be the same size as everyone else. And then that kid gets teased about it. And then it's etched into that kid's psyche forever. No matter how thin that kid is, no matter how healthy that kid becomes, conversations about weight will always feel uncomfortable.

That's me with hair. I know, I'm probably being dramatic, but that's who I am.

I didn't get good hair. My sister got good hair. I struggled with it. 

That was until I had kids. All of the sudden I had hair. A bunch of it! I had the regular after baby hair loss but I still had more hair than I had ever had in my life.

This is me with my first baby who was about three months old at the time. Check out the diameter on that hair! And those sexy mom jeans. I mean, really.

But then when all the pregnancy and breastfeeding hormones leave so does the good hair. I was back to weird hair again. I started straightening it. If I was going to have thin hair all my life, at least I could straighten it. That made more sense than curly and thin hair. My hair obsession started. Or, really, it just continued.

Then I had more babies! Yay! Good hair!

Good hair.

 Good Hair.

 Chubby but MORE GOOD HAIR!

Then I was done having babies. So I decided to experiment. I started bleaching. Worst idea ever. Not only do I not have a lot of hair but the hair I have is fragile. I blow out, I flat iron, I bleach and my hair said, "I quit."

About a year and a half ago after a summer of a full head of bleach my hair was breaking. The worst thing in the world for a girl who is already terribly self conscious about hair. Until I discovered extensions.

It was love at first site. There used to be a stigma but then everyone started wearing them. I didn't realize that until I started wearing them. Then I could spot a head of extensions from a mile away. 

Extensions are what helped me stop messing with my hair so it could grow without being stifled by bleach and damage. When you wear extensions you almost don't have to mess with your own real hair. At least not as much. And they gave me the perfect hair I always wanted after having a lifetime of this imperfect hair.

But I got tired of them. And my extensions are human hair so they were getting damaged and thinning out. Go figure. So I stopped wearing them and chopped my hair. Turns out I was okay with it. Turns out my hair had grown back from the mass bleach hair murdering of 2012. Turns out it looked good.

I'm finally starting to kind of like my hair after a few years in a bad hair spot. It's okay if it's not perfect. I will never have long, flowing hair. Unless I have extensions, which I will still rock, on occasion (Hello, Vegas!). I will still give the side eye to hair blogs swearing by a hair product when said hair model would have HAD GOOD HAIR NO MATTER WHAT BECAUSE THEY WERE BORN WITH IT NOT BECAUSE OF THE PRODUCT! I will never bleach again. I will still wince when anyone ever takes observation that I have thin hair thinking for a second that I might be teased. I will fondly remember pregnancy and breastfeeding hair. 

This is what my hair looks like now. And I'm okay with it. For now.

And I am so thankful to Baby Jesus that Lola was born with good hair.


  1. I like all your hair styles. Mine is just frizzy and blah. I try, but it doesn't always listen.

    1. Thanks! But I really only showed the high light reel. I think only a few pictures exist from the bleach catastrophe of 2012.

  2. One of my cousins was completely bald till about 4 years old--people always thought she was a boy, but she was so little then that I think it scarred the mom more than it scarred my cousin. Kids can be so mean, though. I'm glad you've found a hairstyle that really works for you! I do know a lot of people who wear extensions. In my cosmetology school, many of the girls wore extensions and got lots of compliments on their hair--I've found that some are really self-conscious about their extensions while other people will say straight up "It's the extensions". I try to take the easy way out and just wear my hair fairly short--I am really grateful for my hair though--it had phases in my teen years when it fell out so much it scared me but it seems to have settled down now.

    1. That was me! Hardly any hair until I four. I've seen that with a lot kids with naturally curly hair, too. I am that person who will be up front about my extensions. I can't lie! If a waitress says, "I like your hair." I'm like, "They're extensions!" I just blurt it out.

  3. That was an adorable compilation of different hairstyles and the narration of the story behind it was sweet. You look adorable, in all your many different "hair" phases :-)

    Love and Luck,

    Laurali Star

    1. Awww, thanks! It's honestly kind of a hard story for me to tell because I had been so self conscious for so long about my hair. Still am, truthfully.

  4. I have so much hair! Like when I sleep they take over my whole face and when I wake up I cant find them. Your hair is so good now. i wish there will be time when me and my hair will finally be at peace with each other. #SITSSharefest

    1. You know, when I had extensions it was so foreign to me to have that much hair that I felt sorry for people who had so much hair - what I had wanted all my life. But I live in AZ where it's hot most of the year and long, thick hair gets uncomfortable.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Love the pictures. I also have issues with my hair because no matter how often I dye it the grey roots grow back with a vengeance until I stopped being conscious of it. It was then that people sometimes ask if me if my hair's color was real or not which was kind of odd and a bit crazy.

  6. Thanks! It's always something with our hair, isn't it?

    Thanks for stopping by!


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