Momma Candy of the Week: Swearing in Playland and I Finally Saw the Labyrinth

Swearing in Playland and I Finally Saw the Labyrinth

It's Friday and I don't even know what happened to this week. I blinked and it was Friday again. So I've decided to revisit my MOMMA CANDY of the WEEK theme in an attempt to remember how I spent my week because, for the life of me, I have no flippin' idea.

So here's my MOMMA CANDY of the WEEK rundown. (That I can remember.)


I love midday dates with friends. If I don't have at least one scheduled per week I figure something must be wrong with them, they must be sick, how can I get to them?! Not really. We're all busy and have varying work schedules so that one date a week with that one friend or a group of friends is kind of like a spur of the moment, all stars aligning bitch session that gives me time to laugh and exhale a little. Last week it was at this cool coffee shop around the corner that plays Beatles music on the patio (Beatles music, people!). This week was at another coffee shop that made vegan bullshit muffins and Lola kicked over my coffee but we still enjoyed fun. 

And yesterday I met up for an impromptu play date at McD's with another friend and her kid and she was so into a story about parenting issues and motherhood that she said the F-word six times and it echoed through the playland and I thought one of the moms might come over and wag their angry finger at us. But they didn't. Because they were probably raising their fist in solidarity. Tell it, Sister.


Lola loves dress up. And fashion. And all things girly. She came at me with stripes and necklaces, a fedora, sunglasses, and a scarf and asked, "Is this fashionable?" She's four.

So the other day she was in my room with the door closed, which can never be good. She flung open the door and said, "Mama! Come look! I have a sapwise fa you!"

I walked in and she had accessorized my bedroom with scarves hanging from my lamps and necklaces hanging from the light switches. It was a total room makeover.

And here she is in her version of fashionable. Yes, I let her go out in public like this. It was 8 o'clock in the morning and you have to choose your battles.

I mean, the cheetah print belt really ties the look together.


Nope. I had never seen it. When I revealed this at work, there were screams of horror. People questioned whether I was a true American. How could I have grown up on Footloose and other eighties treasures and NOT seen the Labyrinth?! It was decided that I must see it immediately. A co-worker brought it in the next day. Frankly, this situation was dire. I told my f-word using friend yesterday at McD's playland and she said, "What?! I can't believe you haven't f-ing seen Labyrinth!" So I went home to watch it.

So I watched it and...meh.

Calm down, Nerds. I think it's a movie you have to grow up with. Like I grew up on Footloose and Dirty Dancing. Watching it now I could never introduce those movies to a layman who had never seen it before. I tried to and I was practically laughed out of the living room. Lesbihonest, Footloose is a little ridiculous. But, dammit, the music hurts so good! And they just wanna dance! Seriously, it still gives me goosebumps at the end and I'm not afraid to admit that.

And Labyrinth? I actually dozed off in the middle of it. And why did they let that baby cry so much? I'm just not into fantasy. Zombies, yes. Fantasy is hard for me to appreciate. I don't like Twilight. I can't really get into Game of Thrones. Are all those not related? No? Okay, fine, then it's just a list of things I can't get into. If it makes you feel any better, Lola was glued to Labyrinth. And then she watched it again. She can have it. I'll be over here watching Footloose.


Here we are. Friday. But it doesn't really feel like Friday because I have to work tonight and tomorrow night, which isn't the usual for me, and I don't get to sleep in because I'm having a yard sale tomorrow with my aunt. So no sleeping in tomorrow. But hopefully more money. Twenty-four days to Vegas. Work hard, play hard, right?

Happy weekend!


  1. Solidarity, fellow Labyrinth hater! I fucking loathe that movie :)

    1. Preach. After watching it a few more times, the goblin king's creeping on that young girl seems really...well...creepy.

  2. heart truly breakeh at the ♥ all things fantasy and Labryinth, Legend (Tom Cruise's BEST movie), & Dark Crystal are tops on my lists.

    1. I'm sorry! Give me a sweet dance number and I'll love it forever. But give me fantasy and I'm all - Whaaaaa?!

  3. Stopping my from the SITS sharefest and the bedroom makeover your daughter did is is the cheetah belt!

    1. Thanks! She's good at those! And thanks for stopping by!

  4. Footloose, Dirty Dancing...Ahhh. I just hit my happy memories spot. Of course, I was also a Labyrinth junkie. OK, it was all things Bowie, including wearing out a couple copies of the soundtrack. I've tried to introduce it to my Offspring. Went over like it did with you. *sigh*
    Glad I tried my first SITS Sharefest thing. Otherwise? I'd have missed out on this.

    1. Dance magic, Dance! I've been watching it over and over with my daughter who happens to love all the songs. Of course, she does.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Love your little fashionista. My son is 6 and sometimes I let him dress himself... he usually picks out something that makes him look like an old retired man. Flannel and sweatpants with bunchy ankles and socks pulled over them.

  6. Hey Shauna! Hope all is well! Since I love reading your blog, I nominated you for a Liebster Award. Follow the link to check it out! :)


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