Do Nothing Day

I had a Do Nothing Day yesterday.

It was a day where I DID NOTHING!

Get it?

I'm working six days a week for the next two weeks and I'm a huge baby about it. I only work part time. It's not that big a deal. But I'm hugely protective of my home life and time with my family so this whole temporarily working six days a week is like slave driving for me.

So yesterday I did nothing. I went nowhere. I stayed in pajamas. 

We did get a movie from Redbox, however. We watched Wolf of Wall Street all day long. I say all day long because that movie is like four hours long. And, guess what, you shouldn't watch that movie when there are little kids in your house. Or in your neighborhood, for that matter. I'm not even sure some of that movie is suitable for some adults. We still attempted to watch it because when will we get another chance? So we set up Lola with a movie of her own but we still had to pause our movie about thirty-seven times because she needed juice...popcorn...a hug...a different movie...pudding...a ponytail. This added like two extra hours to this already long movie. So it was really an all day movie extravaganza.

I love midday movies. Am I the only one who feels like watching movies during the day feels like cheating in some way?  Like I'm supposed to be doing something else, cleaning or running errands or grocery shopping, but instead, I'm sitting on the couch like a bum watching this movie marathon. It's the same with netflix show binging.  

We draw the blinds, turn off the lights, pop popcorn, and settle in. We might even turn off our phones or at least put them on vibrate.

We finished our night making Cookie Butter and banana "ice cream."

You just cut up and freeze overripe bananas. Then pulse them in a blender on low until they actually turn into a cream. I mix in mini chocolate chips, I crush graham cracker over it and add whipped cream, there's a ton of stuff you could do to make it your fave. This time I added Cookie Butter. Sprinkles courtesy of Lola when I wasn't looking.

Oh, you don't know what Cookie Butter is? 

Just visit your local Trader Joe's and get ready to have your mind blown. You're welcome.

Trader Joes Cookie Butter

Do Nothing Day is over. I'm off to go do everything I put off for today.

Happy Do Something Monday!


  1. We have a Do Nothing day almost every Sunday ... we rarely even shower or get our of our pajamas. We look disgusting, but it is glorious.

  2. I LOVE those kind of days. I call them "gown" days - as in stay in your nightgown (or in my case PJs) all day. Perfectly acceptable and rejuvenating!

  3. ooo I want some of that ice cream. Yum!

  4. I have never heard of cookie butter but now I must have some!!


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