The Walking Dead Season Finale

Rick Gets His Balls Back

I could tell you all about the weekend I had, why my toe could be close to broken, the fab Kool Aid popcorn recipe I tried, or the Super Carne Asada Nachos I had for dinner that just about blew my mind.

But instead let's talk about zombies and potential cannibals, okay? 


As you may know, I'm kind of a fan of The Walking Dead and tonight was the season finale. It's a big deal because we don't get another episode until October. SIX MONTHS! I think it's ridiculous but whatev.

If you don't watch TWD, that's fine. I'll still like you. But I need to discuss and get out all my thoughts on tonight's season finale. So while I'm doing that talk amongst ya-selves.

In short, I feel like last season was overall better, but the last episode of the season - when all the elderly and children from Woodbury arrive by the busload to live at the jail - didn't leave me wanting more. Of course, I want more but there was no real cliff hanger. Not an exciting one, at least. This season as a whole wasn't as amazing as previous seasons, but the finale definitely has me angry that I have to wait six whole months to find out what happens. There are so many loose ends!

This season, especially the second half, was a lot more about character development, back story, and, of course, the classic Walking Dead good versus evil theme simmering beneath every story line. What is good in post apocalyptic times? What is evil? It's all relative and it's all about survival. The season was also about true self hiding, adapting, and returning. Michonne admits in tonight's episode that she used her boyfriend and his best friend after they turned to "hide" her and not just from the walkers. She could stay hidden and protected, all emotions shut off. She tried to recreate that after the governor went buck on the prison. But she allowed herself to return - the part that needs human interaction to survive and thrive. 

I think these last six episodes were so character driven that it made it kind of feel like there were only two or three episodes for the whole season. Because we didn't see every character in every episode the season felt shorter than it actually was. 

Tonight's finale focused mainly on Rick, Michonne, and Carl heading to Terminus. From last week's episode we know that Terminus is shady. Any place on this show that doesn't have zombies milling around outside the gates - gates that aren't even locked, by the way - is no place for me. There are a lot of flashbacks, many of which include Hershel (Oh, Hershel!) and conversations about retaining the good, not allowing evil to take over, and saving Carl's conscience. These flashbacks are brilliantly shot against scenes in which Carl and Rick are forced to return to brutal survival. Another returning of self. Rick had to be savage to lead then he went all peaceful amongst his farming cornstalks, he made a lot of decisions out of attempts to retain the good but those decisions put everyone in danger. So this episode Rick the leader returns. In other words, it's the one where Rick got his balls back.

This is also the episode where the band of sick effers with Daryl in tow catch up to Rick. And here's where Rick gets said balls back. (Maybe I just like saying balls.) When Carl's life was threatened, Rick got all primeval with a vengeance. I've never rooted for someone's jugular to get torn out but TWD made me do it. Rick to zombies: I learned it from watching you!

Rick, Brother Daryl, Carl, and Michonne head to Terminus but they don't trust it like Glenn and Maggie did. They decided to come from the back end. They get in and it seems normal. A little too normal. The guys all look like college frat kids, they're overly friendly and not suspicious. Which makes them suspicious! They are led out to what we are all thinking is human barbeque for something to eat. We're all thinking it, right? Rick notices Hershel's stopwatch, a poncho and a few other items on some of the Terminus people. Then all hell breaks loose, the jig is up, and a gun fight breaks out. These people are not friends. Not friends at all. The people at Terminus have a good game plan, though. They're not shooting at Rick and the gang. They shooting at their feet which basically leads them right where the Terminus people want them to go. They run through what looks like a cult warehouse shrine filled with candles and random written names. And did you notice the cage of bloody bones. Hello! Humans are for dinner here! 

And did you also notice there were other cries for help from storage pods along the way? Is that Carol? Beth? Where the hell is Beth anyway?!

Rick and the gang are forced to drop their weapons over threats to kill Carl. They're all led into an abandoned train car. I thought for sure the Terminus people would set in on fire or turn it into some kind of gas chamber. But nothing like that yet. Guess who's there, though. Out of the darkness emerges Glenn! Maggie! Sasha! Bob! And the redneck genius protectors! 

I have to admit that I thought they'd be a little more excited to see each other but everyone thinks they're goners. Maybe that's why they're not celebrating. Then ballsy Rick shows up again and assures them and all of us that Terminus has messed with the wrong people. 

My thoughts: Where the hell is Beth, again? And have Carol, Judith, and Tyrese arrived yet? By the looks of it, Lizzy would have fit right in with these Terminus wackos. Look at the flowers, Terminus.

Side note, I compare notes every Monday with another TWD fan and avid TWD comic book reader. We are both at a loss as to what we're supposed to do with ourselves for the next six months. I've been filled in on the comic deets and we both discuss where we think it's going. We both thought Terminus was Alexandria in the books because it fit the description. But from what I was told, the group does run into a group of cannibals. So, again, this is some kind of Walking Dead writer remix that makes this show so unpredictably genius.

So there was a constant theme running mainly throughout the second half of the season - the struggle between the survival self and the true self returning. Can they live together cohesively. Do you have to choose between one or the other? And, as always, good versus evil. Which one prevails and which one is necessary to survive? Oh, TWD, why do you hurt so good?

And just what am I supposed to do every Sunday now that we don't have family zombie night? What does my life even mean now? I refuse to watch anything else! 

Just kidding. I have Real Housewives and my new fave, Resurrection. See you in six months Walking Dead!


  1. I watched it! I was hoping it would be better. It was okay. I'll miss it, but at the same time, Game of Thrones starts Sunday so I'll be good to go on shows.

  2. I always miss TWD during off season, but I have SOA, Deadliest Catch and Once Upon a Time to distract me!


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