I Don't Always Go Out...But When I Do I Wear Uncomfortable Heels

After last week I needed a drink.

Spring break was supposed to be a super easy, complete projects around the house, go nowhere sort of week. It didn't quite work out that way. And then I had to go blogging and facebooking about my opinions, just like bloggers do, and when that happens...there will be blood.  More on that later.

So my friend's birthday celebration could not have come sooner.

We called Gramma and Grampa to babysit. I traded by yoga pants for an actual outfit and my flip flops for (ZOMG!) heels. 

It was so much fun and so very needed. I don't go out much. My husband and I have date nights often but we don't really go out and stay out late or party until after midnight or any of that. Because...well...we're adults with kids. And that ship has sailed.

Contrary to what you may think, I talk about drinking way more than I actually drink. Don't get me wrong, I love to have a beer with my husband in the backyard on Sunday nights or a bottle of wine all for me with my friends every now and then. But I work five nights a week so there's no room for drinking there. And I don't always drink on the weekends. I'm not one of those people who has a glass of wine every night because it makes me sleepy and I still have kids to take care of who need to get into bed before me so I can stay up late and watch my shows in peace. In all honesty, maybe two weekends out of the month do I partake in alcoholic beverages. I just talk about it a lot because I usually have a boatload of fun while partaking. Adults do that sometimes.

It is rare that we go out, stay up past midnight at a public place with friends, and maybe dance a little.

But every once in a while we like to go and get, as the young folk would say - turnt up. Especially after a stressful week.

And waking up this Monday morning after Spring break made me wish for summer sleep in days. After the recovery day, watching Frozen ninety-nine times, birthday cake, and The Walking Dead's second to last episode of the season, Friday night seems like so far away!

I can't show all the pictures because I would risk embarrassment to all parties involved and because most of them are blurry action shots. But here's a smidge of our Friday night.

I don't normally stay out late and drink...
But when I do I order drinks like this bad boy.

I don't always take pictures of my friends dancing...
But when I do I make sure they look like they're doing the blurry robot.

I don't always take pictures of my friends...
But when I do I make sure they look like they're mid sentence.

And they do the same to me. 
(There are probably fifteen more of me like this because my friend got a hold of my phone and kept snapping away. Through the entire happy birthday song. But I like it because it's not posed. Just me having fun. Just what I needed.)

I don't always pose for group shots...
But when I do I like to make sure my friend's cleavage is resting on my head and there's a sweet photobomber in the background.

I don't always leave stuff on the floor...
But when I do it's because I can't walk another single step in those shoes.

Just kidding. I leave stuff on the floor all the time.

Happy Monday! Let's all close our eyes and pretend it's Friday again.


  1. Looks like you had fun. It's always nice to get out without kids.

    1. You have no idea! I wish it was Friday again. Actually, I wish I was Sunday so I could figure out what the hell Terminus is.

  2. so pretty. so fun. you're like the most interesting woman alive....

    1. Who me? I'm not the one who had a bitchin' 80s party!

  3. Yep, I would've ended up walking barefoot the whole night...even before making it home. Heels are not my friends anymore. Looks like you had a fun night...that photo bomber is awesome!

  4. I rarely ever go out, but on those rare occasions that I do, my shoe heels are ridiculous in height. I used to wear heels every day to work back when I worked and I have added to my collection since...they make everything more fun, even if more uncomfortable. Oh and what drink is that -- I want one...for breakfast!


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