The Ol' New Year's Try

The Ol' New Year's Try

Happy New Year!

We had a wild and crazy night at the hottest spot in town - our house. And there were these crazy animals all over the place - my kids and husband.

It was all the rage.

We had our annual Chinese takeout dinner for New Years and played games all night with family. We binged a little on junk food because now we're going to be healthy. That's right. 2014 - Healthy food time! Or whatever.

Anyway, I started thinking about the past year and resolutions. I thought about what I learned from last year, what I'll carry over to this new year, and what I'm "resolving" to do in 2014.

I put "resolving" in quotes because I don't really make resolutions. I just call it trying. You can break a resolution, but you can't break a try.

January 1st of 2014 looks so vastly different than January 1st of 2013. There is so much I learned last year about life and faith and friends and blogging. Yes, blogging.

But here are a few things I'm taking from last year and trying to practice this year.

Show Up

I don't always do this. But I want to try harder. I think it's a tenant of friendship to show up when invited. We all get busy. Schedules get tied down. It's understandable. Trust me, I understand. But I love when I have a party or a get together and people show up. It's such a little thing but the support means so much. And it says a lot about the kind of friend you are. I haven't been stellar at this, but I'm intent on trying harder at showing up.


I know this sounds new-agey but last year I learned to trust that we are exactly where we need to be at this very moment. The beginning of last year brought a lot of uncertainty and there were times when I would flat out ask God - Why is this happening to us? Enough already!

But now looking back I see things a lot more clearly. Certain things needed to be that way to bring us to where we are now. I couldn't see it at the time. I couldn't see it while we were in it. But now I understand and it makes total sense. Huge lessons in trust. So I'm going to try to trust that things do happen for a reason, whether I understand it at the time or not.

Take Care of Each Other

I wrote a whole blog post about it here.

And one more thing... 


I get irritated easily. I get irritated, annoyed, mad, pissed off, and hurt by people a lot. I mean, not more than anyone else really, but I have a short attention span and patience level for boring personalities, whiny, complaining, ungrateful people, and...well, I really could go on but I won't. And, by the way, see how judgy I am? I'm really bad at judging people without knowing their back story. Then I learn the backstory and half the time I feel stupid. The other half of the time I was right.

Anyway, I figure I do a lot of stupid and insensitive things, too. Sometimes without even knowing it. And people forgive me all the time and still continue loving me. It's only right that I follow the example. I'm going to try and forgive more easily. In addition, I'm going to be more grateful that I'm forgiven for my imperfections.

Celebrating Now

I'm going to keep doing this. There is never too much celebration. More is more. There isn't a celebration I can think of that I regret. In fact, I regret NOT celebrating some things. So in 2014 I will carry on celebrating - with my family, with my friends, with wine, or with bottled water. It's going down.


My final try for 2014 is to seek out truth. Every year I seem to have a theme for myself. It's not something I necessarily share with anyone else, it's just a theme that continues to makes itself known around this time of year.

This year that theme is truth. I'm especially attracted to honesty right now. You know how I said I get irritated easily? Well, some of that has to do with online characters versus the real person. I want people who are real and honest in my life and I want to do more of that, too. I want to be more honest with myself and know when I've got things under control and when it's time to yell uncle. I want to be more honest in my blogging and writing. It just feels better. I want to be more honest with myself about the fact that I can't be the very best at everything. And trying is exhausting. I won't have the coolest clothes, the most popular blog, the most likes on a facebook status, the prettiest house, or the most money.

But I have what I have and I'm kind of head over heals in love with all that I have right now.

And that's the truth.

Hoping and wishing for a prosperous, healthy, and happy New Year for all of you.


  1. Aw yay! Good luck on your tries, love! I need to be more understanding. I have a really long fuse, but this leads to an excessively large explosion. Something to work on :)

  2. Love it! Trying is so much better than resolving. I didn't do resolutions either, just a word that I'm going to live my life by this year. :)

  3. Great point about showing up. It's the least we can do when someone else extends the courtesy to include us in their event.

  4. What a great set of 'tries'....I like that you don't put the added pressure of making them resolutions...I think that last quote is great too...being kind (even on the internet) is something everyone should do.

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  6. ***update**lol...I loved reading this, I agree with everything you wrote and I LOVE your style!
    Best of luck on your all your tries in 2014 :)


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