Mom Life

Mom Life

I've been busy with kid stuff this week and working my suburban, mini-van driving, mom roll to it's maximum potential. 

My oldest, Gabe, decided he will be helping his football team fundraise for the infamous trip to Ireland. So he'll be doing a walk-a-thon for twenty-four hours at his school this weekend. It's a new year and he is in full football mode. 

My little boy, Christian, got an award on Wednesday so I was up early and coffee-less, YES, COFFEE-LESS, for the award ceremony. It was either coffee or be on time. We chose be on time this time around. And now we're gearing up for the 100th day of school and our collection of 100 things. I'm thinking we'll find 100 pieces of candy in this house and glue it to a board so it's ruined and inedible. 

The cherry on top for this week was my little girl, Lola, starting her first ballet class today. I have been looking forward to this since the day I found out I was having a girl. I was in dance class when I was little and I couldn't wait to sign Lola up! But, let's face it, it's expensive. So I finally found a Groupon for a local dance company and I thought we'd try. 

Lola was scheduled to start today. We went shopping for pink tights, a leotard, and a pink tutu. We bought ballet slippers, which are not what she needs, but they'll do for now. This morning I brushed her hair into a high "ballerina bun" and she was ready to go. I think I might have been more excited than she was.

We got there really early, finished our paperwork, and as I was carrying her to the door she wrapped her arms around my neck a little tighter and said in an uncharacteristically nervous voice, "Are you gonna be with me, Momma?"

I told her I'd be there watching but she'd be dancing with other little girls. 

I lied. I soon found out I wasn't allowed to watch! Just stab me in the heart why don't you!

That's not entirely true. We are allowed to watch the first week of the month. After that the girls go by themselves. I was so heartbroken. But Lola? She didn't care. As soon as she saw the other little girls with ballerina buns in their hair and the same pink tights and the same pink leotards she was like, "Bye, Mom!"

That's my girl. 

And she loved it. As I was trying to fill my time for an hour NOT WATCHING MY LITTLE BALLERINA she was having a blast with her new friends. It's now all she talks about and she can't wait to go back. The first dance class of February can't come soon enough!

But here she is before I had to let her go do her thing.

Isn't it just the sweetest?! 

P.S. Afterward we went to McDonald's and this little boy kept screaming at her and she yelled back, "Stop screaming at me! Don't touch me!"

Just the sweetest.

So with all this kid involved, suburban mom stuff I decided to redeem my Christmas gift and do something un-suburban mom-like. 


Pictures coming soon...


  1. so add dance class to one more thing you and I have in common! and recently i've been looking at all the cute leotards and tutu type things I could buy Rafa for her first dance class.

  2. I saw the tat on your instagram...not what I would have expected.....

  3. such a sweet sight in pink!!

    now, I have to go stalk your IG because I know I saw your tat!


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