Living Room Carpet Skating and Tonya Harding

Living Room Carpet Skating and Tonya Harding

Did any of you watch the ESPN special revisiting the Tonya Harding/Nancy Kerrigan knee-gate scandal from twenty years ago?

Well, I found out my husband DVR'd it. Why? Good question. But I guess he was interested in watching it. I pried further and he said when he used to watch Saturday morning cartoons they would end and "stupid figure skating" would come on. So, naturally, he (along with everyone else in the country) knew all about the Harding/Kerrigan rivalry turned knee-bashing scandal.

You know what I was doing when Saturday morning cartoons were done and figure skating pranced across my 13" inch television screen from the 80's? I did what every other self-respecting little girl would do. I "ice skated" across the living room. That's right. I performed my version of triple axles on the carpet. If there was a gold medal for fake ice skating, it would be mine. I was that good.

I wanted to be a figure skater like so bad. But there was one thing in my way...our city had no ice skating rink. Kind of a big deal in cultivating a figure skating career. So I had to settle for living room carpet skating. 

Despite the setback, some of my favorite memories are when my mom would take us to Phoenix - two hours away - just to go ice skating for the day. 

As for my time on the actual ice during those trips? I wasn't half bad, actually. I think I believed so hard that deep down I was born to be a figure skater that I willed myself to be good on the ice and I dared myself to twirl around like I knew what I was doing. That, and I roller skated all the time which isn't the same but it's close enough.

Back to the ESPN was like a flashback to my childhood. I didn't realize Tonya Harding was such a black sheep and definitely not what the industry wanted as a poster child for Olympic stardom. But she was so good they couldn't deny her the chance to become something. 

And Nancy Kerrigan was exactly what the industry wanted to represent America at the Olympics. Too bad she was clubbed in the knee by Tonya's peeps. I remembered the scandal, I remembered the controversy, and I remember Tonya Harding losing her edge as the weeks leading up to the Lillehammer Olympics passed. See, I even remember the name! I remembered the costumes, that Kerrigan wore a gold outfit for her final long performance, the broken shoe lace, everyone thought the gold was Kerrigan's. And then out of nowhere Oksana Baiul took it all. After all of that! In the ESPN special, it was suggested that the result was already set before the skaters even took the ice in protest for all the controversy our skaters brought. 


Isn't all this fascinating? No? Sorry. I was just OBSESSED with it when I was a kid. 

And do I think Tonya Harding had anything to do with knee-gate? 

Probably. I think she won't ever admit it because she has tricked herself into thinking she is the victim in all this and what was rightfully hers was stolen.

It's a shame, she did lose everything and was basically banned from ever skating again. If she hadn't screwed it up, she could have probably taken the whole thing.

Oh, well. Back to ice skating in my living room. Gotta keep up my skill!

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  1. I'm totally amused with your carpet figure skating and your desire to be an ice princess, too! I was the same way. {More so with gymnastics/Shannon Miller but I SO wanted to wear those pretty costumes and twirl on the ice.} I DID watch the special on Harding/Kerrigan, so I enjoyed your re-cap. I never realized, either, that Tonya was the black sheep. I feel sorry for her on some level, but it's one of those situations where your attitude determines your altitude. If she hadn't always played the victim card and had a better can-do attitude, I feel she could've gone all the way. She made some poor choices {husband selection/lack of training/possible involvement in knee-gate} and those brought her down.

    Okay, I better get back to supervise the kids. ;) XOXO


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