Who's Excited Christmas is Over? (Raising Hand)

Who's Excited Christmas is Over? 

(Raising Hand)

Christmas is over!

And I have a confession...I'm so relieved. I'm so glad. It was exhausting!

I feel a little guilty for feeling that way, too. We should enjoy the holidays because they go by so quickly and the idealistic Shauna says so and thinks that's the way it should be. But the realistic Shauna knows that Christmas sneaks up like a nagging toddler saying your name over and over again. I may have a little experience with this.

I vow to never wait until the last minute for gift buying again! Next year I'm starting in October. I did about 80% of my Christmas shopping on December 23rd and it was ridiculously stressful. I'm not doing it again. Never. (I'll remind myself to come back and read this blog next year around October.)

And don't even get me started on teacher gifts. I want to show my appreciation for my son's teachers. But he doesn't just have one teacher. He has a kindergarten teacher, a special education teacher, an aid who loves him, other aids that help, his occupational therapist, his physical therapist, and his speech therapist. That's over six gifts. And everyone of those individuals is just as important as the next. So, instead of buying gift cards (which I'll seriously consider doing next year), I baked. I baked and I baked and I baked. 

And then there were the cake pops. 

Eff you, cake pops.

Because, of course, I had cake pop trouble two hours before they had to be done. TWO HOURS!

They finally turned out and I made a cake pop bouquet for Christian's team of teachers.

But to tell you the truth, by the end of the day his teachers were probably all sugared out from their own Christmas exchanges and parties. So I probably won't be baking again for them as a Christmas gift. I'll find something else to do. 

Did I mention I baked? I baked so much that I'm on a baking sabbatical until Valentines Day. I just can't...bake...anymore!!!

You know I'm suffering from baker burn out because I LOVE to bake.

I'm also a tradition junkie. I love passing along traditions and starting new ones. But for some reason I'm not satisfied by simply practicing my own from childhood. I'm in a competition with myself to constantly find and start new traditions every year. And it's exhausting!!!

This year we did Elf on the Shelf, which was fun. This was added to glittery reindeer food in the front yard, baking cookies for Santa Christmas night, Blueberry French Toast Casserole Christmas morning, and a letter to Santa Christmas Eve.

She talked. I wrote. With no suggestions or guidance to her. This is all Lola. 

I didn't realize how tradition obsessed I had become until a few people said, "Wow, you really make a big deal out of Christmas, don't you?" 

And here I was thinking I wasn't doing enough!

I probably sound Scroogey and I don't want to be that way. So next year will be different. Next year I want to enjoy more and stress less. 

It was a beautiful Christmas, though.

And so totally worth it to see my kids happy. Having kids makes Christmas better than anything in the world. 

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas. Full of tradition. Or not. Let's all breathe a collective sigh of relief that it's over. 

My Christmas Photo.

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  1. It has been months since he cleared out his Preschool and my kid is as of now still asking to head off to class, and telling stories of things that he's done with his kindergarten instructor. He always asks to see her.
    Phoenix pre-k


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