Tunesday Tuesday: Tomorrow Will Be Kinder

We all need a little music in our lives. A good song can answer a question, soothe the soul and provide an escape. It can recall a memory in the most vivid detail and evoke the most intense feelings.

 “Music is the great uniter. An incredible force. Something that people who differ on everything and anything else can have in common.” -Sarah Dessen

We created Tunesday Tuesday to do just that, bring people together through music.

Every Monday night at 9pm the link up will go live at The Patchwork Paisley, Drinking the Whole Bottle, Momma Candy, and MrsTeeLoveLifeLaughter. We will designate a theme, and hope that you will share a song that embodies said theme for you. Post the video for the song, an audio clip, the lyrics- however you want to do it. Then, write a little something about why this song captures the week's theme and link up your post here with us! 

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The Patchwork Paisley

What's your mood? Are you grumpy? Are you excited for the holidays?

Wanna know how I feel?


Not in the mood for anything.

And gloomy because it's cold and overcast outside. I know, I know. Arizona doesn't know anything about what cold is. But, as I mentioned, I'm sick on top of that so the whole mood thing is all wrapped up in a grumpy little package. Yes! I'm an Arizonan, I'm a baby, and I'm cold!

This head cold came on slow and steady. I like my colds to come on hard and fast so they can go away quickly. But this one moved in at a snail's pace and is hanging on for dear life. Every day I feel like I will surely feel better. I talk myself into it. Yup, I'll be better tomorrow for sure.

And then I wake up and I still feel like crap.

So my mood song this week is Tomorrow Will Be Kinder by the Secret Sisters. It's fitting me perfectly.


  1. That sucks that you're sick, I'm sorry!! Love that sing though! They have great voices .

    1. Don't they?! I love a good harmony.

      And, thank you! I feel much better now!

  2. Feel better. Thanks for sharing a new song, for me anyway. Love hearing new music.

  3. What a great song...I love the harmony. So sorry you're sicky...I know that feeling of thinking it's almost over...Feel better SOON! xoxo

    1. Me, too! They're really gifted. Thanks for the well wishes! I feel much better!

  4. oooooh. love that. i could see it as a movie montage song. ;)

  5. You're welcome! And thank you! I do feel much better today.

  6. Ha ha! I heard it because it's on the Hunger Games Soundtrack!


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