Not Good Enough Girl

Not Good Enough Girl

And Irish Hot Chocolate

This weekend went as perfectly as it should have.

After a rather trying week, I had grand plans for this weekend. Plans that were scheduled back to back. I would be busy and it would be fun. And by fun I mean exhausting.

But by Friday I was done. It was a "not good enough" week. I felt like a not good enough employee (I went back to work part time so there's that), not good enough friend, not good enough wife, daughter, housecleaner, homemaker, blogger, or writer. This is what happens when you add one more thing to the carefully balanced scale. It tips.

And as the scale tipped, the rain came. Literally. A big storm rolled in and by the grace of God cancelled all my efficiently scheduled plans that I probably would have been late to. So it was only appropriate that I would stay inside in my sexy sweats and feel sorry for myself. It's necessary sometimes. 

The silver lining here is that at least I didn't feel like a not good enough mom. I was feeling like a just okay mom this weekend. So when your plans are cancelled and it's raining and cold and you're at least feeling like a just okay enough mom, the day screams for a screening of Elf or Polar Express. Those movies are scientifically proven to be mood enhancers.

It all came together, though. Sometimes cancelled plans end up producing the best outcome. After the storm passed there was getting together and laughing and food and drinking.  That solves everything.

Today was a new day. The not good enough girl is done with her pity party. When you're done with a pity party, the best way to celebrate is by getting your nails painted a nice shade of dark, I Don't Give A Shit red. No, it wasn't really called that, but it totally should be. 

Check the nails. The color is so dark red that it's almost black and I love it.

Hot Chocolate

Oh, what's that in my hand, you ask?

Well, when it's fifty-something degrees outside we call that cold here in Arizona. And when it's cold, it's time for hot chocolate.

Hot Chocolate

Momma hot chocolate and baby hot chocolate.

Momma hot chocolate gets a little something special.

Irish Hot Chocolate

We call this an Irish Hot Chocolate. Really, this should be called a Russian Hot Chocolate because we used Pinnacle Peppermint Bark Vodka. Irish Hot Chocolates came from adding a little Bailey's to hot chocolate. We still call alcoholic hot chocolate "Irish" because it's just more fun to say and I'm Irish so I feel some ownership over the recipe.

Let me tell you, whether it was Irish or Russian, it was the perfect end to a cold and stormy weekend. And it was totally good enough.


  1. We all get that way sometimes Shauna - but just remember - you ARE good enough in all those areas. It's just your perception. You needed some time to regroup - and you are allowed to do that!!

    When did you go back to work? Where? Do you like it? Dish, girl....!

  2. Also, I forgot to say - Shauna, LOVE those nails. The color really pops and they look a little shorter and less square - really nice!

    1. And about the nails - thanks! They are a little more natural looking. I like them for now but my tendency with nails and hair is to go over the top!

  3. I did start working part time at night at our local YMCA supervising membership and front desk stuff. It works so far!


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