In Case You Forgot, Christmas is Coming!

In Case You Forgot, Christmas is Coming!

I have been a terrible blogger lately. I haven't been visiting blogger friends. And I only wrote one blog post. last week. (Gasp!).

The thing is, and I hate to sound all snooty, but I've been busy doing things. Like hanging out with friends and goofing off, going to the mall to look at all the Christmas decorations before the hoards of people get there, and sampling seasonal flavors from Starbucks that I wait all year to try. Usually, a good blogger would blog about all these happening. But by the end of the day I find myself engrossed in the latest Real Housewives of fill in the blank. And then it's late. And if I don't go to bed I WILL PAY for it the next day.

But here I am. Promising to write more if not for my own sanity. I'm promising myself here. I'm sure you are all busy being good bloggers, living life, taking care of kids, and all that nonsense.

And so what am I so busy doing right now?

The holiday season is upon us. I really love the holiday season. I obviously love the baking and the eating. But I also love the decorated street lights, the mall displays, Christmas bells, and, yes, I am one of those people who will listen to Christmas music in my car on the 24 hours-a-day Christmas music station right up until the New Year. 

I must admit that I'm a tad alarmed at how early everything is starting this year. But I don't mind it. I always thought the holiday season was way too short anyway.


So remember how I told you I went to the mall? Well, apparently Santa has already arrived. It's not even Thanksgiving!

Tucson Mall

Notice there is no line. So now is the time to go if you want to visit Santa.


I also mentioned that I wait all year for the Starbucks holiday flavors. Never mind that Starbucks coffee is kind of weak. (Yeah, I said it.). Never mind that it costs too much. Never mind that it has a ton of calories. (Did you see my last post?) I wait and plan for that Caramel Brulee Frappuccino every year. And I'm so happy Starbucks got the memo and rolled it out mid November instead of mid December like previous years. I will spend the money and eat the calories a few times a week for this dessert disguised as coffee until they run out of that sweet, sweet nectar. No, seriously. I ask well after New Years if they have any of that magic left and sometimes they do! 


I've started making my lists. I usually end up with four of them floating around in my purse with the same names of all of my loved ones who were good this year and who will be receiving gifts. It's like I'm Santa. I keep these little lists so that if I see the perfect gift or if I think of something new, I will write it down and not forget. In fact, I was doing a little window shopping over at Whole Soul Jewelry. Take a look at what I found!

For the kids Santa buys gifts as follows: 
1) Something They Want. 
2) Something They Need. 
3) Something To Wear. 
4) Something To Read.
And stocking stuffers.

I'm filling in these options as I go. More on this and why we do gift giving this way at a later date.


I'm doing it this year. Don't hate. Oh, I know there's a lot of hate out there about that creepy little elf. I had no idea about this thing until maybe two years ago. I never did it as a kid. Then I started seeing posts about this elf and all of the chaos that ensues when he/she is around. I also saw this little elf turn into yet another symbol of parent one-uppery and mommy judgement. So, OF COURSE, I wanted in!

But, seriously, this is the first year Lola would understand something like that. Besides, it's fun! And maybe it will keep her from being a little hellion come Christmas. That's worth it enough for me.


I don't care for a lot of pumpkin pies because they tend to taste raw. Like raw, unbaked pumpkin puree out of a can. Yum. And, yes, I'm talking about your beloved Costco pumpkin pie, too. 

But we got one tonight from Fry's (Kroger) and it came already whip creamed. Bonus!

Kroger Pumpkin Pie

I have to say, it was one of the best I've had in a long time. 

And pumpkin pie tastes better when it's closer to Thanksgiving. It's a proven FACT.

Are you getting ready for the holidays? Or are you ignoring them until they're knocking on your cold-hearted, grinchy door?


  1. I am really looking forward to soon as December is here I will be craving everything *haha*

  2. I've just spent the morning putting all the Christmas decorations up at work, along with Christmas songs to entertain n if really has got me into that mood, I do like Christmas :D

    On the talk of Starbucks though I have to day my favourite is the Orange Mocha - slightly craving one now as it is! Damn the nearest one being a 2 hour bus trip away :(

    Hannah xx
    Squidoodles & Oodles

  3. I've been having trouble getting into blogging lately myself. Been binge watching The Walking Dead on NetFlix and curling up on the couch and reading. Hard to compete with those!
    Just yesterday I though we should get the decorations out before Thanksgiving. I rationalized that Thanksgiving is late this year! And started making my own lists just last week. Bring on the holiday!!

  4. OMGosh I just discovered the Caramel Brluee and it has become my daily obsession...also I hope and plan to do elf on the Shelf this year but Hubby thinks it's ridiculous! LOL I may just have to place it somewhere to prove him wrong...LMBO (insert evil laugh)

  5. I'm looking forward to the holidays! Stressful at times but "the most wonderful time of the year". :-)


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