Halloween Costume Fun: Hello, Craigslist

Halloween Costume Fun

Hello, Craigslist

What makes Halloween so fun? (Besides the candy.)


When my husband I spent our first Halloween together we were pirates. Argh! We haven't done a couples' costume since then and, truthfully, up until about two years ago I never thought of it. But then we went to our friend's Halloween party and I saw all these cute couples with matching costumes. A male and female Dracula. A nun and a priest. Everyone was matching!

So this year we were thinking about what to do for costumes. I would dread this conversation because husband wants to be something outrageous and funny and I want to be something cute and pretty.

We discussed cowboy and saloon girl but we both weren't overly excited about it. He suggested maybe Elvira and Werewolf. I was game for that! I used to watch Elvira and her horror flick specials all the time when I was little! So off we went to the costume store. I asked the twenty year old cashier if they had an Elvira costume. 

"Um. Is that a children's costume?"

No, dummy.

"Alvira with an A?"

Clearly, I was surrounded by idiots. That or I'm just old.

So we couldn't find "Alvira" anywhere and we had a party to go to within days. I remembered...check Craigslist!

People often go to the after Halloween sales and buy out costumes brand new at 75-90% off and then resell them in the following year. Sure enough there were plenty of discounted costumes that were brand new online!

I found it! He-Man and She-Ra! Don't even tell me you don't know who that is.

I bought both costumes brand new at half the price that they were in stores and online.

By the power of Greyskull!!!

He-Man-She-Ra Costumes Halloween

This was my Princess of Power face. Or really it was my "Can we just get a good picture while every hair is in place, please?" face.

Halloween costumes

Yup. His came with a blond wig.

She-Ra Halloween Costume

Head to toe with sweet gold boot covers! 

All this for half the price! Check Craigslist for costumes, guys. Totally worth it.

I also found costumes for the kids! I knew they were at Target and when I got there to buy them they were completely out! Off I went to another Target. And when I got there the costumes were marked down from $22 each to $16 each! Best costume searching weekend ever!

What are the kids going to be? 

Stay tuned!


  1. I LOVED She-Ra as a kid...I used to want to be her...shoot I have the Collector's Series DVD Set! Great costumes and great value finds!

    1. Yay! I'm glad you get how awesome She-Ra was!

  2. I can't even. I love these costumes too much. You make a great Princess of Power! I wish you guys could have come to my Halloween Party!

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