Get Some Klout!

Get Some Klout!

The Power of Influence

Have you ever heard of Klout?

It's a website that measures your influence on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Instagram. Based on your influence they send you "perks," which is like getting presents from Santa out of the blue. 

And you don't even have to have a blog!

So first I got Blowfish, a hangover remedy. Of course, I had to try it to see if it works. I mean, it was for the sake of science, guys. And, by the way, it works just fine.


It's always fun to get "Perked."

Klout Perks

I've received a few other perks but last week I got the mother load.

Klout Perks Fair Trade

I got a whole box of Fair Trade goodies to try! Fair Trade helps to fight poverty in farming communities and promote sustainability and positive family impact. After researching the Fair Trade products I received I learned about Vivienne Harr and her Make A Stand Lemon-aid that helps free children from slavery. 

So it wasn't just free stuff to try. It was stuff that makes a real difference in this world! I learned so much about these products. Please consider reading Vivienne's story. And just so you know, it's excellent lemonade. That's coming from a lemonade snob.

You know what else I discovered from the this Fair Trade box? Bark Thins. It's called a "snacking chocolate." Whaaaaaat?!

They are thin sheets of dark chocolate with pieces of crushed up almond and sea salt. I ate these things like potato chips. And then they were gone. And then I was sad.

That was until I reached out to my Facebook luvahs and they delivered. I wanted to know where I could get these Bark Thins ASAP! 

Husband came through and brought these home.

Fair Trade

Costco. He got them at Costco. With Pumpkin Seeds. And he was smart and brought home not one, but TWO bags. Momma is in trouble and so are her thighs.

See what Klout did? They introduced me to Fair Trade and Bark Thins. 

That's the power of influence.


  1. Just recently signed up and already got 50 business cards for free!

  2. Nice! I'll bet those BarkThins taste really good! Thanx for such a good post!


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