Disney On Ice Presents Rockin' Ever After!

Disney On Ice Presents Rockin' Ever After!

Hey Tucsonans! 

For the first time ever Disney On Ice Presents Rockin' Ever After is coming to the Tucson Arena from 10/10-10/13! 


I can't wait. I know Lola is going to love this! 

I remember my first ice skating show right here in Tucson. I was about five years old and to this day I can remember the show. I can't wait to see Lola experience the same thing.

Look it's Merida!

Disney Rockin Ever After

And Rapunzel!

Seeing characters from the Little Mermaid will be so much fun because Lola just discovered this movie.

Disney On Ice Rockin Ever After

Be our guest!

Rockin Ever After Disney on Ice

Disney On Ice Rockin Ever After

So Disney is coming to Tucson! And I have a deal for you. With promo code MOM4 you can save $4 off of tickets in the $20 price range.* You can use this discount every night of the show except for opening night, which is already discounted to only $11 admission! 

You can buy tickets at www.TicketMaster.com

*No double discounts.

See you there!

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