Stand Out with Duck Tape®: Back to School in a Wheelchair

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Stand Out with Duck Tape:

Back to School in a Wheelchair



I'm sure I've mentioned that my five year old, Christian, went back to school last month. He did the back to school thing last year when he went to preschool. But this time it was the real thing. It was the big K. 


Just like all the other little five and six year olds, he went to Kindergarten. 

But what makes him different than all the other five and six year olds is that he cruised into Kindergarten with a wheelchair. He was definitely noticed and it definitely set him apart.

We like to embrace, highlight, and celebrate our differences. Christian is a pretty cool kid. So his wheelchair needs to be just as cool.

While browsing Pinterest, I've seen a ton of Duck Tape® products. There are entire boards dedicated to Duck Tape® projects. There are wallets, flowers, Christmas ornaments and even shoes (Yes, shoes!) crafted from Duck Tape®

I've seen projects that used Duck Tape® so I wanted to experiment with Christian's wheelchair. I went to Walmart and found they had a ton of options. 

But, of course, the mustache Duck Tape® got me. It was perfect for Christian. So I got to decorating.




And I couldn't leave out Christian's school folders! I hope his teachers don't mind.



Now, your kid doesn't need to have a cool wheelchair to stand out! You can use duck tape on pencil boxes, backpacks, journals, lunch boxes, really anything you can personalize. You can buy Duck Tape at Walmart and follow @TheDuckBrand on Twitter for more ideas.


Now, I mustache you a question...



Is this kid cool or what?!






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  1. He is cool, and pretty lucky to have a mommy who understands the wonders of Duck Tape! Love the mustaches.

  2. Ha ha! Thought of your picture, Megan, when I decorated with mustaches!

  3. That is awesome - I love it!! Love how you made something that could be viewed as "different" by other kids, and made it unique so it can be viewed as "cool." Nice job, Momma!! :)

    1. Yeah, funny thing is that the kids are way more enamored with his mohawk than his wheelchair!

  4. Christian totally rocks the 'stache! What a great way to reduce his anxiety about the wheelchair by making it something fun and cool.


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