MOMMA CANDY of the Week: Contributing, Candy Corns, and Churro Flavored Creamer


Contributing, Candy Corns, and Churro Flavored Creamer

I'm finally exhaling this week out of my brain. There is so much going on! But such is the fall season in my life. It's always been like that for me at this time of year. But, still! It's been crazy!

I can't complain too much. There's been a lot of good crazy happening. So let me recap just a little of the good crazy in MOMMA CANDY OF THE WEEK!

I get around.

That's right! I made the rounds this week. I was featured on Blogher with my post about how a Disney princess experience with my daughter taught me to let go. I also became a contributor for Mom It Forward's travel section sharing our family's love for a particular destination in Mexico. And I also became a contributor at Thinking Outside the Sandbox for their WAHM section. That's Work-At-Home-Mom for you rookies.

Disney On Ice!

Disney On Ice Rockin' Ever After is coming to Tucson! I can't wait! Lola is really just starting to get interested in the movies behind the princesses. She loves Mickey and Minnie and she is going to flip her lid when she sees this show! I can't wait to get a little Disney up in this desert!

Disney On Ice

Candy Corns are back. 


Let's all take a moment to celebrate the return of the candy corn. Are you as obsessed with candy corns as I am? You're either a candy corn lover or hater and there's no middle ground. I'm a lover. 

Red Devil

So I was enjoying a really bad for me bowl of Doritos with Trappey's Red Devil and lemon all over it. I love Red Devil like ca-razy. I put it all over popcorn, eggs, chicken, in sauces, I just love the stuff.

I was so enamored by the Red Devil and Doritos combo that I tweeted about it. Behold the power of Twitter.

Crazy Creamer

Gah, Walmart! You did it again! Always having stuff that my regular grocery store doesn't have. Look at this!

You see that? It's Churro Caramel, Caramel Cinnamon Sundae coffee creamer. This is ridiculous and I had to buy it and try it just to see how ridiculous this flavor is for myself. 

Mmmmm. Churros.

So many big things this week! And a lot of MOMMA CANDY. 

What was your MOMMA CANDY of the week?


  1. I totally loved every one of these and you made me want to run out to the store right away.

    Stopping by from sharefest..have a great day.

    Heather @ Exalted Peacock

    1. Thanks for stopping by!

      Once you start you can't stop. And I'm talking about Candy Corns. I can't say for sure about the creamer until tomorrow morning.

  2. wow, Momma! You HAVE been busy.
    My recent post: I Dub Do

  3. You are having a very exciting start to your fall! Congratulations on all your achievements...So Proud of You!!

    Ahem..mad at you though for showing me the Coldstone creamer when I can't get any right mean! LOL :)

  4. We're seeing Disney on Ice in about 2 weeks. Yay!

  5. Sounds like an awesome week! That's absolutely the great kind of crazy! :) And yeah for candy corn!! :D

  6. Congrats on all the writing gigs. I think I'd celebrate with some candy too :)


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