Goodbye Breaking Bad!


It's over.

Breaking Bad has come to an end.

To say this show was "good" is an understatement. The characters were complex, the story was original, and the writing was on point. There was always a running theme of chemistry, change, light versus dark, black versus white, and what's in the gray matter

I have always been Team Walt. Even though he did really bad things, I was always pulling for him for redemption. He started out a bumbling idiot tripping over himself, making meth in his underwear, and cleaning up after his screw up sidekick, Jesse. But it turned into so much more. I think that's why I've always been Team Walt. Because he was the societal doormat who created his own empire.

Gabe thinks Jesse was Walt's conscience but I think it was Hank. As long as Walt was okay with Hank, he could justify what he was doing. When Hank was killed in front of him, I think that's when he saw everything really crumble. 

And the part where he sees his son for the last time? Ugh! My heart broke for this fictional character. For both of them! The way that scene was shot was genius. Walt watching his son for the last time through a window because his son hates him and then fading out. Masterpiece.

Part of me wishes there had been some mystery to the ending. Something open ended so that Breaking Bad never truly ends. But the writers wrapped it up in a pretty, little box for us and ended it as it should have been ended. With finality. Yes, I wish somehow Walt could have acquired all of his millions back. Maybe taken off forever with Skyler and the kids where nobody could find them. But Walt rightfully died with his one, true love - his work.

This show was so ridiculously unpredictable. Every time I predicted something it was completely wrong. The scene at the Schwartz house, the money...I was thinking - How is he going to make them follow through? Enter Skinny Pete and Badger. Case and point why this is one of the best shows on the planet.

So we wrapped it up last night after having a Goodbye Breaking Bad breakfast for dinner. A la Walt Jr., yo.

Breaking Bad Bacon

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  1. Don't know how I missed this post! Awesome. I agree - there will never be another show quite like Breaking Bad. No other show has kept me on the edge of seat in the same way. I read a great article about how the show broke the one major TV rule - the main character fundamentally changed throughout the show. Love the breakfast for dinner! Classic!


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