Back From Mexico

Back From Mexico!

I'm back from Mexico! 

There was a lot of sun and a lot of sand. But I think the best part was watching my kids on the beach. They love it. I asked Lola what her favorite part of the vacation was and she said, "Collecting seashells and building sandcastles." Straight out of a story book.

Rocky Point Mexico

Rocky Point, Mexico

I loved taking her to the reef to see the tide pools. She had so much fun looking for fish and shells. But it was determined very quickly that she hates seaweed. Her words. And she refused to step on it, look at it, or get near it. Funny because she loves sushi. Nobody better say a thing to her.


Christian got to experience the reef, too. His daddy built custom wheels so he could get up on the reef with the rest of the kids. No boundaries, baby.

And this one...he's my oldest. My man-child.

Rocky Point Mexico

It pretty much looked like this every day. And one of my other favorite parts was snorkeling! I haven't snorkeled in years! There were so many fish and it was so peaceful. No facebook, no bills to pay, no blog posts to write. Just me and the fish and the waves. It was awesome.

Rocky Point Mexico

Rocky Point Mexico

We ate dinner at El Capitan, which has the best view in Rocky Point and I even ran into a Tucson blogger friend!

El Capitan Rocky Point Mexico

Oh, and we had drinks with umbrellas. It's a proven FACT that drinks with umbrellas are the best drinks of all. And, duh! It had rum in it.

Rocky Point Mexico

But then it was time to come home. And then my vacation threw up all over my living room.

Dirty Livingroom

Wasn't I just snorkeling?


  1. you have such a beautiful family!!!!
    does that anchor bathing suit come in my size?!?

  2. Beautiful pictures, it looked like you guys had such a great time! I totally agree about the drinks with little umbrellas...always better!

  3. You have such a beautiful family! It looks like everyone had a great time and you got some beautiful photos. I had to laugh with the seaweed and sushi, especially when you said "Nobody better say a thing to her." I definitely laughed out loud haha

  4. Looks like such a great vacation! LOVE that picture of your little Lola on the beach. And the custom wheels are awesome - what a great dad! :) Glad you had a good getaway!

  5. oh. my. gosh. what a beautiful family. and tell that Lola that her bathing suit is ACES. i am so into the sailor look and girlfriend pulled it off like whoa. haha. and those custom wheels... nothing short of spectacular!

  6. I love Lola's swim suit! And I love the custom wheels! That is so awesome!!! Text me soon! We have to get together and catch up! It's been far too long! :-)


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