5 Signs YOU NEED a New Car

So you guys get to hear about my desire for a new van until I actually get one. Mmmkay?

Here's the deal, I'm going to complain about my current van and you're going to commiserate with me until a new van magically appears in my driveway. To that we will all say, "Yay!"

For now, let me share with you five signs that you might need a new van or car.

1. Your van won't start. My van will start but I felt like that first reason was pretty much a deal breaker for whether to get a new car or not. I mean, you can't really go anywhere from there and, besides your car bursting into flames, a non-fixable non-starting car would pretty much be the worst case scenario.

2. Your van is making strange and funny noises. I drive my van to go pick up my son from football practice every evening. And every evening as he opens the door I can hear a squealing sound not from nature. At that moment I am embarrassed for my son. You can hear it echo throughout the semi empty school parking lot and all the other kids are sitting there waiting for their parents in their non squealing cars and they're subjected to this ruckus. It seemed to only make this mind numbing sound when the air conditioning was on. So, yes, in order NOT to embarrass my son, on hot summer evenings I would take it upon myself to turn off the a/c so nobody would have to hear it. He didn't even ask me to. I just felt bad for him. And I'm a nice mom. Sometimes.

3. You're dreaming of Mr. Ed. And not the horse you think I'm talking about. You lay your head down at night, your eyes close, and you're seeing that horse from the commercials. You're now dreaming about financing and credit and power windows.

4. Things are breaking and you don't even care. Maybe there's a crack in the dashboard. Maybe there's a scrape on the side. Maybe the locks don't work. You're now just expecting it so it has become a non issue. You are no longer surprised by breakage.

5. You start to fantasize about your car being stolen. Maybe if I wake up it just won't be there. Then I'll have to get a new van, right? 

It's not as bad as I make it out to be, really, it's not. But I tend to exaggerate a tad. That, and...


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  1. OMG! This is hilarious! I read your last post about wanting a new van and I'm right there with you. I don't have a minivan, but I have major minivan envy. My small suv is 7 years old, and God love it, has NO issues. I secretly hope for the stealing thing or an accident that somehow totals it, but nobody gets hurt. I can't believe I actually just wrote that!

  2. Oh, I so need a new car. I dream of getting one. Love this list!

  3. Add to the list - the control panel doesn't display everything any longer. The only way you know you need gas is when the car hesitates when making a right turn.

  4. Kevin's car has been in and (rarely) out of the shop for almost three months. Thankfully we can carpool to work so it hasn't been dire straits, but Kevin was saying "dang...we just need a new car!" I said okay find us one we can afford...knowing full well we couldn't afford one. Five minutes later I had a lap top shoved in my face with Kevin saying...you do it. haha us getting a new car is a lost cause right now too!

  5. LOL I need a new car badly but I need this one to hold on so my son can drive it!


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