The Real Housewives of NJ: "There are evil people in the world. And you're one of them."

The Real Housewives of New Jersey:

"There are evil people in the world. And you're one of them."

Blogging about the Real Housewives of New Jersey has been a blasty blast but I have to be honest, in light of actual, real fraud charges against the Guidices, it changes the show a little for me.

Not completely, though. It's just that watching it and knowing the train wreck of a legal issue is barreling down the track, I almost feel a little sad for them. Almost.

To tell you the truth, I just thought they got all their money from the mob. But money laundering makes a whole lot more sense. I learn a lot from Breaking Bad.

But let's revisit, if not for any other reason than that this is still my favorite show. And Theresa never truly forgives so it's never really over. Yay for grudges!

So last week the Gorgas and the Guidices made up thanks to the strikingly beautiful Dr. V. All it took was a little visit, a therapy session, a few hugs, and a dozen or so f bombs. Italians are fun.

It was really nice to see everyone make up and then to see the ladies cooking in the kitchen and having fun. Actually, it was nice to see Teresa and Kathy cooking and Melissa drinking. We're seeing a lot of Melissa drinking lately. I'm not sure I like this. Lesbihonest. Melissa is one of those girls. You know the kind. All of the sudden they like girls as soon as they get drunk. Melissa is just a shot of Patron away from making out with Rosie. I'm just saying.

And Rosie. How can you not love this TV personality? How can you not root for her? For all you Teresa haters out there, you must put up with her if not for any other reason but then to see her family every week - Milania, Rosie, even Kathy! And, yes, even Joe Guidice. Yes, Joe Guidice, who proclaimed, "You guys better stop or none of yous is goin' to the mall." Or something like that. The's the best.

Last week Caroline makes a set up proposition that she'll let Teresa catch her during a trust fall exercise if Teresa talks to Jacqueline. Bad idea if you ask me but Teresa promises. 

So this week we finally see the Gorgas and the Guidices get together for dinner and those cousins just love each other. How could Melissa even think of moving her kids away?! And we get to hear more about Jacqueline and Teresa possibly having a talk.

I think Jacqueline deep down does want to be friends with Teresa. If she didn't care at all she wouldn't be so reactive to everything Teresa says and does. Teresa calls Jaq while she's on a toy store date with her older son, CJ, and it totally doesn't seem set up, guys. By the way, seeing Jaq interact with CJ was awkward. And she interrupts their precious one on one time to take a call from Teresa? Totally natural.

Anyway, the two ladies finally meet in a private room. Jersey must have more private dining rooms per capita than any other place in the world. The guys go smoke cigars and drink and put stuff behind them like normal human beings. Meanwhile, Teresa tells Jaq, and I'm paraphrasing, "I've realized there are evil people in this world and you are one of them." Such a peacekeeper, that Tre.

Jaq is right when she tells Teresa she's known her for years and doesn't actually think that about her. And that explanation was way too level headed for Jaq. She must have taken a Xanax before the meeting. Or a Prozac. Or a shot of Whiskey. Or all three.

I don't think Tre really thinks that. I don't really think that. Delusional? Yes. Unstable? Yes. But, evil? Nah. I mean, Tre's prime examples of Jaq's works of evil are Danielle and Dina. Meh. I'm lukewarm about those stories. You know Jaq had good reason to cut Danielle from her life - because Danielle was an effing psycho. We all know this and I think we can all agree. And the Dina thing? Well, none of us know what's going on with that because it's all hush hush, which I think is totally unfair. But, still. I don't think that makes Jaq evil. 

Next week we get more private meeting room between Jaq and Tre. Can the guys just go up there and show these broads how it's done?


  1. Visiting from the Aloha Friday Hop. I am fan of RHONJ, too and the fraud charges changes little to nothing on that aspect. But it does make for good TV if they decide to have that as part of the show next season.

  2. I'm a total Housewife JUNKIE!! Lol I have missed a few episodes tho I need to catch up!! My husband always asks how I can watch I tell him it's just so funny to see people act the way they do! Melissa does drive me crazy she acts too perfect so I'm anxious to see what happens
    ~Candice @

  3. I have lots of opinions about RHONJ. Many more than any sane person should have. But I think Teresa is mad at Jaq because she told shoe polish hair Joe and Melissa that Teresa was behind the whole strippergate thing last year. When, let's be real, it was probably a set up by the producers. Also, behind the scenes, Jaq was doing a lot of crazy tweeting about Teresa. (OH MAN, WHY DO I KNOW THIS?! The shame.)

  4. I haven't watched this past season... just sort of forgot about it (I'm not much of a television watcher). I can totally see your take on Melissa


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