The 2013 Salsa/Tequila Challenge

The 2013 Salsa/Tequila Challenge

I could not let this week go by without mentioning the 2013 Salsa/Tequila Challenge my bestie invited me to last Saturday.

She asked if I wanted to go taste a bunch of different salsas and I was like - Maybe. She asked if I wanted to go sample tequila and vote for the one I liked best and I was like - What time are you picking me up again?

So we dressed up kind of fancy-like, or at least fancy enough for moms of young children. This just constitutes a dress of some sort, hair did, and some makeup to mask the exhaustion.

It was so much fun!

Here we are at the beginning.

We were trying to take a picture and this old dude walked by and volunteered to be the photographer. He also smelled like booze and told us to say "Tequila!" Hence the picture with us in the middle of saying "Tequila!" Thanks, boozy, old dude.

Then they gave us a bag of tortilla chips and we walked from table to table of gorgeous displays of salsas, tequila fusion drinks, and samplings of what some of the participating restaurant were serving. It was amazing. Almost all of the participants were from Tucson's fabulous local restaurants. 

I took so many pictures. That top picture below is called "The Paloma." It's Sauza Tequila and Squirt with a little mint. Seems easy enough.
The displays were amazing. In the picture below, samples of ceviche were served atop an ice block. The ice block had fish and shells inside of it! 

The whole reason we were able to come is because my bestie's husband owns a restaurant called The Parish and they entered the contest. They serve some really cool Southwest New Orleans fusion dishes. Here they dropping it like it's hot. Because it was really hot that night, not gonna lie.

They made a drink sample with the word "diablo" in it. I'm taking credit for that but I'll save that story for another time. They also have other infused liquors at their bar including root beer, cucumber, cinnamon, and basil. 

And then there was the pickle shot.

We were both kind of overly excited about this. But it was a trick! The shot was pickle juice and highly enjoyable. The pickle slice you eat afterward was soaked in what I think was vodka. So you think the pickle will be safe and the shot will sting. Wrong! It was the opposite. 

So what was my favorite? I'm going to be honest. I didn't have a favorite when it came to the salsa. They were all just salsa. To be fair, there was a Kiwi Tomatillo Salsa, a Pumpkin Salsa, and some other creative adventures in salsa making. None of them had cilantro and I love a salsa with an abundance of cilantro in it. I had a least favorite salsa. I won't name names but it pretty much burnt my mouth off. That salsa can go straight to hell.

Oh, and this mess.

Want to take a guess at what that is? Nope. Not sour cream. That's peach salsa and ice cream. Know what it tastes like? Salsa and ice cream. 

Hey, Person Who Thought This Was A Good Idea - Don't ever do that again.

I did, however, have a favorite drink. 

I do not remember the name of this drink but it had cocoa infused liquor and the rim was sugared with ginger and Abuelita chocolate. Ohmigawd. Stop everything.

Pay no attention to my nails. Six weeks ago I let the nail shop lady talk me into these bad boys for Vegas. They're gone now. Never again.

Back to the was amazing. I had like four. It was created by Aloft Tucson University and WXYZ Lounge. A-freakin'-mazing.

The drink samples were tiny but after just a few tables I could feel it. There were two levels to this event and when we got to the upper level we discovered all of the booths were straight tequila shots. By that time, I couldn't. I don't really dig shots so I passed.

Overall, the event was so much fun. Thank you, Karen and Travis! It was a blasty-blast.


  1. What a fun event! I'd be the opposite of you and like the salsa more. I'm just not a liquor kind of gal.

  2. I can't imagine doing shots but some good tequila in my margarita won't hurt my feelings. Sounds like a fun event. Wish I could have tried that cocoa infused sample.

  3. Oh my gosh! You know who owns The Parish?!? I have been dying to try that place!!

  4. This looks like fun! I guess if you're not into salsa, then it would probably just be "salsa". I like salsa, but, really any kind will do.

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