Real Housewives of New Jersey: Everyone is getting along. So, now what?

Real Housewives of New Jersey

Everyone is getting along. So now what?

It's Wednesday and I haven't talked about the Real Housewives of New Jersey. Sorry, but Sunday night my ticket is full and that includes the Breaking Bad premiere, which trumps RHoNJ on any day of the week. So many shows, so little time!

I finally got around to watching it on Monday and another reason I slacked is because everyone is getting along now. There's nothing pressing, no slamming tables, no begging on knees, and no black hair spray smudging.

Don't get me wrong, I don't want this family to fight. I'm really glad they're kind of getting along.

We start off in the private room show down between Tre and Jacqueline. They're still talking about how they both hurt each other. Jacqueline breaks down into tears about Nicholas and Tre almost starts crying. It's like Tre doesn't really know how to talk about things. That's an understatement. But when things get too raw and emotional or heated, she just talks in circles and says the same things: "We've been friends for were my best friend...I didn't do anything to hurt you...we were friends for ten years..." And repeat.

The girls finally agree to be civil and because it is absolutely impossible for Teresa Giudice to ever apologize unless Dr. V is there making her do it, there is no apology from her end. Just a lot of repeating.

So Teresa and her kids play Nerf gun shoot out while G to the I-A is doing make up with her friends and getting ready for her date with her uncle. Did anyone notice they were all in matching Dylan's Candy Shop sweatshirts? Hello, product placement. Teresa's house is now just one big commercial. Make that money, girl. But remember to report it next time, mmmkay?

Joe used to be heavily involved with Gia as her uncle and godfather. But when he had a family and the fighting between Teresa, Joe, and Melissa started, Joe stopped coming around. I think this importance of uncles and godfathers coming around being heavily involved in the child raising of their nieces, nephews, and God children is foreign to me. I don't really understand it. I knew my uncles growing up. They were cool. But I certainly didn't fault them for going off and starting families. Maybe it's a cultural thing. It's kind of what happens - people grow up and start families of their own and that's where their obligation is. Joe's obligation is with his family, no matter who he is married to, not to Gia. Am I missing something here?

So Joe and Gia go go-cart riding and they talk about patching things up. Gia sounds exactly like a mini Teresa talking. But the flashbacks of Gia singing her song about how she wanted everyone to get along and then bursting into tears, holy heartstrings! Gia does tell Joe that she has been teased because of his ridiculous freak outs. Thank you, Gia, for calling him out on his constant outbursts! That's not made up by Tre. It actually happens. On camera.

Greg is moving to San Fran! Say it ain't so! The only thing the Manzo's had going for their story line and he's moving away. First of all, he has not been in this season nearly enough. If the producers would have put Greg into that boring bridge scene, it would have totally been watchable. Secondly, now the Manzo's have zero entertainment value. The BLK Water and Little Town Restaurant storyline are Snoozetown. Stop trying to make that storyline happen! In fact, your story line is moving to San Francisco!

There's a Zumba benefit that Teresa is hosting and on the way there Teresa asks why Jacqueline called her a sociopath and what it is. She even asks Siri during her side interview. I think being a sociopath is a prerequisite to being on any Real Housewives show. No need to Google. Just watch the show.

The Zumba benefit is for Nephcure and I love when Teresa is involved in this because she's doing something for someone else. I loved seeing this Zumbathon and watching everyone get along. It was like the first season when everyone would joke around and laugh. Jac and Tre have a little talk on the stage, sitting cross legged and you know they want to be besties again. Jac apologizes again and Tre, of course, doesn't. There's plenty of room and opportunities for her to apologize, but no. They did hug, though. So I guess that's good?

We end with a responsible Ashlee. And I don't like it. I'm glad she's doing well in California and all but I miss the train wreck. Jacqueline is in California because she's getting a tummy tuck and a neck lift. Plus, after Jac's surgery, she has impeccable make up. Which leads me to believe she had someone actually do her make up immediately post surgery - false eyelashes and all. This just...I can't. Although, I'm not gonna lie. If I was filming and on national television, I would probably do the same thing.

Hey, RHONJ luvahs, confrontation is back next week. And Kim D is there so you know it's trouble.


  1. I think I would feel sorry for Tre if she didn't act like her sh#$ didn't stink. Can she seriously not ever cop to being wrong? So, you screwed up, you said something you shouldn't have, you did something mean...people mess up all of the time, but what makes them likable or human is that they admit their mistakes and say sorry.

    1. Nope. She can never, ever say sorry unless Dr. V is making her. It's almost funny to watch because she gets so many opportunities and awkward silences to say it. And then she doesn't!

  2. I don't watch any reality TV...but it sounds interesting. Stopping by from Thumping Thursdays Blog hop. Have a great day

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Probably best to stay away from it. It's addicting!


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