Momma Candy of the Week or Something Like That

Momma Candy of the Week

Or Something Like That

I had all of the greatest intentions in the world to pound out a nice little Momma Candy of the Week blog with pretty, watermarked pictures, and detailed events of this past week like a good, little blogger. 

I sat down at my laptop this morning, started clicking away and then my oldest asked me to buy him a hat, my daughter yelled at me that she washed her hands and wanted to eat, and my younger son just yelled, "Aaaaaah." This all happened at the same time. AT THE SAME TIME. 

So my husband said, "Well, why were you trying to blog when they all needed stuff?" or something like that.

My answer is because they don't need anything until they see me doing something else. They can smell it.

So if you don't mind, I'm just going to stream of conscious this blog like word vomit. I'm gonna get it all out.

Do you ever have so many things stacked up on top of each other that you just fantasize about what it will be like to be on the other side of said stack of things? That was me this week.

Coming off of two road trips, we had two birthdays, two school registrations, back to school shopping, two kids starting school on Monday, a teenager who twisted his ankle the first day of football camp and came back hobbling and shoeless, and a partridge in a pear tree.

So the birthday of my little guy was great. We went to Disneyland, for which I'm planning a series of posts, and then celebrated on his real birthday, which was the 1st of August. Because I believe that everyone should at least have some cake or a little celebration on their real birthday no matter what.

I forgot to buy a box cake and I had all the ingredients so I figured I'd attempt a real, live, homemade chocolate cake. Guys, it felt like I made fire. 

Behold: Chocolate cake and cupcakes with peanut butter frosting.

Reasons why I loved this cake:

1. It was so delicious. Way better than a box.

2. It's a total "mom cake." It doesn't look fancy or professional. It's decorated with half a bag of double stuffed Oreos, and some M and M's and mini chocolate chips we had left. Oh, and, of course, love.

I met my little guy's new Kindergarten teacher and checked out his new special education classroom and therapy corner. I am so stoked about his sensory corner the teacher built with him in mind!

special needs

I also did a little back to school shopping for the teenager. Guess what, parents of little ones, that's like the worse thing ever.

I used to look forward to back to school shopping when Gabe was little because I got to pick everything out. And everything was cheaper, too. I had to pick out two pairs of jeans for him today and I just knew it wouldn't end well. First of all, he can't come with me because, one, he can't even really walk right now with his gimpy foot. And, two, it is so not fun when he comes. If I just bring stuff home, he usually likes it. If he's physically with me while shopping, disaster city.

I brought home two pairs of jeans and he didn't like either. I take it ridiculously hard when my husband and son don't like the clothes I get them. Mainly because I'm the one who has to take them back, but also because I want them to like it as much as I do. One of my love languages is "gifts" or something like that so I show love by giving gifts and I'm not like a total love language junky, but it did explain to me that I'm not just a materialistic brat. It's actually a LOVE LANGUAGE I suffer from! Or something like that. Pay no attention if you don't know what I'm talking about.

Also, I just made that whole shopping trip about me and my need for my family to like me. But I think it was also the dread of going back during back to school shopping purgatory, which sounds like fiery hell after the trip out today. And Gabe also told me I got the wrong pens.

Well, hobble back to Walmart and get them yourself, then! 

(Did I just type that out loud?)

I also have to stop staying up so late. My soon to be kindergartner will be starting school at 7:45AM everyday and if you're like - yeah, we know, Shauna, you've said it in like every blog for the last month - it's only because I'm so traumatized by the thought of it. But I'm just gonna call it and say that tonight isn't the night to go to bed early because my husband and I just started watching Breaking Bad and we're on marathon status. Netflix is giving us back to back episodes and we have to make ourselves stop watching every night. We have like five years of shows to get through before the final episodes start in two weeks. And then when I sat down to write this fine piece of literary genius I got into a text convo with my hilarious friend, further keeping me up past a reasonable hour. And it's all her fault, yo.

I have one more night to get it right!

Oh, yeah, and welcome new readers! Thanks for signing on to this ride and if you made it this far, you're welcome.


  1. Hey it's Chelsea (or Directionless Mom from SITS and FB, lol). I love this post and I completely feel your pain. My son goes back to preschool in a week and I am sooo dreading getting up early to have him at school at 7:45! Sounds like my worst nightmare! Especially at 8 months preggers. Yikes! Great post :)

    1. Poor you! That's brutal! I'm on day 2 of getting up early and full day kindergarten and so far I'm not dead. Score!

  2. I think we can all relate to your hatred of rising so early and getting a child...anywhere! I'm with you on liking the "mom cake" and also wanting my children and husband to love what I pick out. You're not alone. Fun post.


    1. I'm on day 2 and doing okay so far with the getting up early! That "mom cake" was so good! And at least my little babies still like what I pick out!

  3. Ugh! I'm with ya on BTS shopping with a teenager! Although, I am the opposite. I drag mine kicking and screaming to the store with me because I refuse to play the buy/return/but/return game, and I swear he is the pickiest 14 year old on the planet! I'm also selfish, because if I take them with me I can't feel rejection when they don't like what I pick out... which also totally bothers me too. I feel ya!

    1. I would have taken him with me like you. Especially for pants. But his ankle is twisted and it was really swollen at the time from football camp. We only had two days until school started so I had no choice. He didn't like them anyway so I guess he's coming with me this weekend. Can't wait! Not really.

  4. "and a partridge in a pear tree." Unexpected & hilarious! Congrats on keeping up with all of this! Truly admirable ;)

    1. Glad you liked it! Just living the dream, right?

  5. That cake looks delicious! I am sure the family LOVED it!


    1. They did! Everyone liked it so much and I was so proud it didn't come from a box that I'm thinking of doing a blog post about it!


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