TUESDAY TOPICS: Four Things Learned Outside of School

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I've seen it. You've seen it. I hope you're not one of these people. Their best years were in high school. They talk about high school like it didn't happen fifteen years ago but actually just happened yesterday.

Don't be this person. And make sure your kids know not to be this person.

There is SO MUCH MORE life after high school and college. Way more time afterward than what's spent in actual school. And life afterward? It's so much better than high school if you'll let it be. I've seen people with a glimmer in their eye as they talk about the joys of running around during their high school days, carefree and stupid. Maybe they reminisce about how popular they were, how many friends they had, or how many touchdowns they made. Don't be this person. Because from what I've learned from these people outside of school is that a) nobody cares and b) it's a sad, sad life if your best days are behind you.

I say this now because high school was a non-factor for me. I spent three years at two separate high schools in two different states, had a baby after my junior year, and graduated earlier than my class. Then, you know what happened? I got on with the rest of my life. And it has been way more awesome than high school ever was.

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When I was in school I had this vision that I would graduate, start a career, have a boyfriend,  get married, buy a house, and have kids. I thought that after that point it was smooth sailing. Life was set and it was time to ride into the sunset of happily ever after. And that was all supposed to happen by thirty.

Ba ha ha ha ha!

Yeah, no. I mean, I accomplished most of those things in a round about way, but they certainly didn't line up in that order. And I just turned thirty-two and we're not riding into the sunset quite yet. Don't get me wrong, I firmly believe we're living our happily ever after and it's up to us to make it our own, no matter what it looks like.

But there's a lot of bad stuff that happens in life. That's something I didn't learn until after I was out of school. Nothing is guaranteed. Not healthy spouses or children. Not a house. Not a job. Not happiness. You have to make a lot of your own luck and rise above the challenges and heartache.

no guarantees


When I was in college and turning twenty-one, I couldn't wait to go to a bar and order the most ridiculous looking sugared up drink they had on the menu. Most of the time they cost twice the amount of beer or wine and sometimes they were twice the alcohol. Other times they were only half the alcohol. So unpredictable. And so was the day after.

After I caught on to how mixed drinks suck sometimes, I started ordering beer and wine more often. They're predictable. Like an old friend. I know EXACTLY what's in each can or wine glass and I know EXACTLY what it will do to me and how I will feel the next day. Besides, I'm an adult now. And that's what adults do. But sometimes I still get a little mixie.


Have you ever heard someone say this?

"Oh my god, I'm just sick of all the drama. This is SOOOO HIGH SCHOOL!" 

First of all, people who feel the need to state they're sick of all the drama are usually the ones right, smack in the middle of it. I didn't have to wait until I was out of school to learn that.

Second of all, people say that like it's some profound statement excluding said person from all of it because it's just so high school. Meaning it's immature.

It doesn't stop at high school. Or college. Snotty, catty bitches exist everywhere. And I have news for you, it's so high school because that's the first place you experience it. There are plenty of women who were terrible in high school and they're perfectly lovely mothers and wives now. Likewise, there are women who were in high school that went unnoticed who have grown into less than favorable people who can't get along with anyone. And then there are women who were awful in high school and are still awful now. It's not a high school thing. It's a personality thing.

Heathers. You're welcome.


  1. Stopping by from THE Collective Social Blog Hop to say hi. Thank you for linking up. Have a fabulous day!

    Janise (co-host of The Collective Social Blog Hop)

  2. LOL, I hear that this is so not high school a lot. :)

    1. People say it like it makes them above it all. It doesn't!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I love your list! And completely relate to all of them!! I loved how you told it like it is about the "so high school" before. You find those people everyone at every stage of life. Best to smile and move on from them! Oh - and I go for the wine and beer almost every time, too!

    Stopping by from Tuesday Topics!

    1. Beer and wine are just safer!

      And exactly my point! You meet dumb people everywhere. It's not just high school.

  4. OMG great list! Cracking up about the buying beer or wine lol

    1. Well, I was sick of paying so much for mixed drinks. And then not feeling anything. Raw deal!

  5. This made me smile from beginning to end. There's a bit of a high school theme going on here. All of them are SO true. Now I think I am going to go pour myself a glass of wine and forget about high school completely. Ha!

    1. Right?! High school was such a non factor for me. Maybe it's because I didn't have any attachment to it. I mean, college was fun and so much better than high school. I feel sorry for people who constantly refer back to high school.

  6. This list is great! Super funny and true!!

  7. Love them! I'm so surprised that some pepole don't grow out of that high school age - either from being "that guy" or the attitude associated with being in high school. I have told many of high schoolers that missing the prom or other high school event isn't the end of the world and those who think of it as the highlight of their life at 25+, they really need to reconsider the path they're on.. Check out my Tuesday Topics: http://www.100lbcountdown.com/personal/blog-hop/school-of-life-with-tuesdaytopics/


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