The Real Housewives of New Jersey: With Friends Like These

The Real Housewives of New Jersey

With Friends Like These...

We left off last week with the Italian sit down between Rosie and Theresa. I'm not completely sure what it solved but it seemed that Rosie and Theresa got to scream and yell and bang on things so it was successful? Whatever all that was about, the end result was a retreat. Theresa wants the family to go on a retreat and now it's up to her and Rosie to convince all the players that they should go, too. 

Melissa meets with her two friends for lunch to tell them her good news. She got a book deal! And what will it be called? Love, Italian Style. Let's see...capitalizing on your Italian heritage to sell books. Does that sound familiar? It must be different because it's about love and stuff. I don't think her friends are buying it.

And Melissa's sales pitch to her friends was not the most convincing. Basically she is going to write about how she has been able to keep her marriage so perfect. She claims because of Joe's great communication with her, she now knows how to think like a man. Ooookay.

Kathy and Jacqueline go to a boutique to try on clothes and Theresa calls Kathy to invite her to the retreat. Kathy has her on speaker phone, which, at first, looks suspicious. But I know that producers require a lot of phone calls to be on speaker phone so I don't think in this case Kathy was trying to be malicious.

But then Jac hears Theresa blame her for the whole Posh set up mess from last season and Jackie goes a little wacky. She grabs Kathy's phone and starts maniacally yelling into the phone while walking away from Kathy so Kathy can't grab the phone back. Everyone in the store is staring. Jac is in the crazy zone, though, she isn't thinking and is clearly not over Theresa. Clearly. Kathy said it best - "Crazy train is out of control." 

Remember Jan from the lunch about Melissa's love book? Well, apparently she was in Melissa's wedding. And apparently she no longer likes Melissa. So Theresa is out with Kim D (so you know only bad things will be said), Jen, the realtor, another woman, who I found out was the owner of the infamous salon from last season, and Jan. And this is where I feel sorry for Melissa. Jan starts ripping on her, accuses her of cheating, and then in true housewives fashion summarizes her crap-talking session with a statement that she's not there to sabotage. Riiiight.

Caroline and Al have dinner and further try to convince the world that the secret of a long marriage is not spending any time together. Snooze.

There's a poll dancing class where Richie admits to fantasizing about Melissa. Gross.

A brunch at the Gorga house involves talk about the retreat and Jacqueline makes more noise about how she doesn't want that in her life. Even though she keeps talking about it.

Jen, the realtor, decides to meet up with Melissa to tell her all about what was said about her at the meet up by Jan, her former bridesmaid. She later meets up with Theresa to let her know what she told Melissa and that she did it for business reasons. If a potential realtor started telling me things other people said about me just to list my house, I wouldn't hire her. That was totally unprofessional. But I do give her credit for being up front and putting everything out in the open one on one instead of letting rumors about it float around.

Out for drinks, Melissa announces to everyone what Jen told her about her being accused of cheating and, surely, Theresa is behind it. Even though Theresa said nothing. In fact, she said she didn't want to be a part of it. Then they spot Kim D and confront her while Melissa proceeds to tongue kiss Joe to prove her fidelity. Because that, for sure, means she is faithful, guys.

But here goes crazy Jacqueline again. She starts squawking about how Theresa needs help and how she needs an intervention. She throws a white towel over to Kim D for no apparent reason at all. But Kathy is on to Jac. She sees the crazy. 

First, I think Jacqueline should have taken a season off. She is clearly not well in the mind during the show nor is she making very much sense during the interviews. With all of the issues with her son and the emotions that come with that, maybe she should step away for a season. Just one season, Jac. We'll all be here when you get back. 

Second, I don't know if it's pro-Theresa editing but for all that Theresa was accused of this episode, I'm not sure I heard her say one thing about anyone. She even wished Melissa well on her copy cat book and that was turned around on her. She wasn't involved in the smack talking session about Melissa and that wasn't good enough either. I guess I just don't get why everyone can tear Theresa apart but nothing she ever does is right.

So next week we get to see the Joe on Joe wrestling match. I'm super excited about that but I know Bravo will probably wait for the last five minutes to show it. And then do something really mean like showing a rerun next week. How much do you want to bet? 


  1. OMG I feel terrible for Jackie. She's going through so much that I think she's seriously losing it. Last night I cringed at how she was acting. I was like "NO Jackie, you're my favorite! Do not turn crazy on me!" LOL I need to be sure to check back with you on Mondays because I am a die hard fan of RHONJ! It makes me really appreciate my mundane life hahaha!

    1. You must check back with me Mondays so we can discuss! Or my facebook page because there is sometimes discuss there!

      Jackie is going wacky! If she was truly "over it" she wouldn't even start with Theresa. Even her interviews are unstable. She needs a break. Chris always looks embarrassed/tired of it.

      Thanks for stopping in!


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