Momma Candy of the Week: Toes, Tweets, Zombies, and Sweets

Momma Candy of the Week

Toes, Tweets, Zombies, and Sweets

It's Momma Candy of the Weeeeeeek!

And you get a car! And you get a car!

All of that above is an Oprah reference if you didn't know. Nobody gets any cars but this is my chance to be happy and grateful for all that went right this week. It's my sweet stuff (sometimes literally), my good news, my happy places, my candy for Momma.


I want to start with a shout out to my new followers visiting from the Fun Friday Blog Hop! Thanks for taking the time to come and visit little ol' me and linking up! Another thank you goes to Anne from the Pink Momma and Rea from Home for For 4 Sweet Home for letting me join the par-tay!


My littlest, Lola, had her first "pedicure." I have quotes around "pedicure" because she didn't really get the full scrub down, of course, but it was the first time she got to come with me. I took my mom for a birthday pedicure and if I'm there I might as well get one. I mean, really. Twist my arm. 

I thought Lola was finally old enough and patient enough to sit with her toes dipped in the pedicure tub of water. It was followed by painted toenails in pink.



Look! It's my tweet on Bravo during the Real Housewives of Orange County 100 show special.

real housewives of oc

Oh...em...gee, y'all. It's me! And one of my tweets!

I have to be honest, I didn't even see it. I watched the first version of the show and there were no tweets featured until Bravo shows like 300 reruns first. A facebook friend was nice enough to capture the image and send it to me. Otherwise, I never would have known!

I have to admit, this is one of my tame tweets. I'm usually much snarkier. And I'm just starting to get into Twitter, but I absolutely love it for watching my favorite TV shows. It's like having a big viewing party with other fans and discussing the show right then and there. It's awesome!


The AMC channel gods blessed me with a weekend-long marathon of the Walking Dead FROM THE BEGINNING!

So today was the perfect day. It was overcast all day, a little rainy, there were no plans and nothing to do. So the husband, the teenage son, and I watched all of season two. It was just what I needed to get me through the next few months because Walking Dead doesn't premiere until October! Why do we have to wait so long? It's just ridiculous. But, you know, I watch every episode as if I've never seen it. I'm just as fascinated every. single. episode.


We had a fabulous 4th of July. It felt so relaxed and fun. We went swimming, we ate Sonoran dogs and potato salad, we lit sparklers, saw a few fireworks, and then made S'mores with gargantuan marshmallows. 

Earlier in the week I attempted these Patriotic Firecracker Cookies that also look like they double as Spiderman Cookies. So, thanks to a lovely reader and her son, we're calling them Patriotic Spiderman Cookies.

Spiderman Cookies

Those were really good and really gone by the next day. 

I also always make a flag cake. Like, for years I have done this. And now I'm a little bored with it. So I searched my trusty Pinterest and found this recipe from Kaboose.

I did my own version just using boxed confetti cake and alternating with Cool Whip and regular frosting.

Independence Day

I found an idea to use bananas for the white lines of the flag. I loved it! Just adds a little extra and I love bananas on everything so it works for me. Sorry if you don't like bananas.

It also turned out pretty messy. This is not a surprise. Every year I am reminded that it is hot as balls in Arizona on the 4th of July because every year I make a flag cake and no matter what I use, everything melts and it's like herding cats to get the fruit to stay put. So, of course, the cupcakes look sloppy. But I'm totally okay with it. It's tradition. 

I hope everyone had some candy this week or at least a few thing that made you happy! 

What was your happiness this week?


  1. Oh I can't wait for the day when I can take my little Madison to get her toes painted. I've tried doing it at home but she doesn't sit still long enough for me to finish so I always end up with just about 3 toes done. :) The highlight of my week was getting a 4 day weekend. With my job I'll take all the time off I can get. Have a happy weekend!

    1. I love doing "girly" milestones with Lola. We have been practicing for a while now how to sit still and keeps your toes still until the polish dries. It was definitely fun to watch her.

      Enjoy your four day weekend! You deserve it!

  2. The highlight of my week was taking my son to watch his first movie, Despicable Me 2. We loved it! That's so cute that your daughter got a pedicure. I need one sooooo badly! I'm following you on Twitter now. That's bad ass that your tweet was on TV! Stoping by from SITS.

    1. Awww! We're just about to do the first movie but we're waiting for Finding Nemo 2 to come out.

      I was excited about the tweet, too! I love tweeting about my shows so if you're following me on Twitter, I apologize in advance for all my Real Housewives of NJ, OC, and Walking Dead tweets.

      Following you on Facebook and Bloglovin' and off to follow you back on Twitter. Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!

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