MOMMA CANDY OF THE WEEK: Roadtrip, Registration, and Another Roadtrip


Roadtrip, Registration, and Another Road Trip

It's the last week in July that becomes the thorn in my side. There are a lot of really great things going on, but it's all happening at once.
The last week of July, first week of August is insane. Both boys start school and my little boy is starting preschool so that means full day kindergarten! And, because he has special needs, that means Momma Bear and Baby Bear are doing full day kindergarten for a few days so everyone gets to know Christian.
P.S. His school day will begin at 7:40 AM every morning. Super fun.
Plus, I have two birthdays to celebrate that are almost back to back for my boys, teenage boy starts tenth grade, which apparently now costs a grip of money to register for high school. He has a week long football camp, AND we decided to plan all TWO of our summer vacation road trips within that same two week time span. I should be used to this, though. The fall is always insane. And why are we already talking about the fall, again? Wasn't it just May?
So let's talk about some really awesome Momma Candy this week, shall we? I need some centering.
We road tripped it to Las Vegas this week with some good friends. It was a fun trip up and back and they had never really seen Vegas before so we walked the strip and saw all the lights, played the penny slots, exercised our day drinking opportunities, and headed home.
Las Vegas
New York New York
Las Vegas
Yup, that's a giant Strawberrita in my hand, in case you were wondering.
Las Vegas
So apparently candy stores are like a thing now. And Vegas has a bunch of them. I stop for every single one.
Las Vegas
Las Vegas
We meet again.
All my souvenirs came from candy stores.
I finally registered my SOPHOMORE for school! And next year he reminded me that we'd have to register for parking and driver's ed. I then reminded him that he would have to have a car to have to register for parking. Not sure where he'll get one of those.
But I can't believe he's so big. I can't even believe we'll be thinking about driving next year. I just can't even!
We're celebrating his fifteenth birth tonight because it will be the first time we'll be separated for his birthday, well, since he as born. He's going off to football camp and spending his birthday there. He could obviously care less, but it makes me sad and proud all at the same time.
I freaking love Disneyland. And I didn't fully appreciate it until I had small children and saw them loving it. My super hero son, Christian, is turning FIVE! I feel like every one of his birthdays is important but FIVE is just a little extra awesome. So Disneyland it is.
What did you do this week? Are you getting kids ready for school yet?


  1. Love the Vegas pics, can't wait to get back there myself. We don't go back to school until September here, so we still have a whole month of summer to look forward too. We have 2 vacations left to go, 1 big & 1 small. We're headed to DisneyWorld in 3 weeks, and to say my kids are excited would be an understatement! I feel ya on the birthdays... our big guy turns 14 in September, and I really can't believe it! Add that to the fact that the other 3 are also getting so big (8 & 10)... it's very overwhelming! Thank goodness I have my baby girl to keep me young :) Have a great time in DisneyLand and good luck with back to school!

    1. Wow! So you know what this chaos is like! Thank goodness for my baby girl, too. Still just three!

      And DisneyWorld? How fun! Have fun on your trip!

  2. I see you love Disneyland! Me too!
    I love your blog!
    I am doing a themed week on my blog: a week in August. I have several guest bloggers and I am looking for a few more. I would love for you to be one of those guest bloggers! Anything Disney! My family and I are HUGE Disney fanatics too!
    I am just asking for the post, in HTML, to me by August 2nd. Once I have them all, I will let you know the date your post will go live. I will promote your website through all my social media and would appreciate the same. =)

    1. Hi Cathy!

      Thanks so much for the invitation to guest blog! I would love to. I just need your email address to send over the HTML. You can send it over to

  3. Looks like a fun time in vegas! I LOVE the leopard print outfit - is it a dress or a romper? can't tell...also where's it from?? We have an "it's sugar" store on the boardwalk in Atlantic City, NJ and I lOVE it!


    1. Lucky! You have an It'sugar store! I'm jealous!

      The outfit is a dress. I can't do a romper. I just can't. But I got it at Rue21. Thanks for the compliment!

  4. My kids have a few more weeks until they return to school. However, a month before school starts my daughter has three weeks worth of band camp. Talk about long days for both of us. My daughter is a sophomore this year as well, crazy how time flies and how fast they grow up.

    Looks like you had an amazing time on your trip. I love those candy stores too because you can find all of your favorite candy in one place.

    1. Seriously! Those candy stores have everything you could ever want! I just had to visit the candy store "Marceline's" at Disneyland. I love that place. They have the best cherry sours and candied popcorn!

      You have a sophomore, too! Fun times, right? I just blogged about it.


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