We Joined the Gym...Again.

We joined the gym...again.

Holy, Jeez! I love sweets. 

Like, I loooooove them. I blame my mom. She was so mean she made us eat really healthy things growing up, void of sugar. It was just terrible. (Probably, not really terrible.)

So I love to bake and I love to eat what I bake. I love candy. I love sugar. And cotton candy. 

But all of this sugar is not loving me back, y'all. It's a sad, sad situation.

So, we joined the gym...again.

Now before you go and say, "Yeah, I know that ol' song and dance," hear me out.

We were members of the YMCA most of last year. In fact, just about this time last year I was going to the gym on the reg. I was really good keeping up with My Fitness Pal and logging all my food. I changed my eating habits, I was working it out, and my body was in better shape than it had been in years. YEARS! I had officially lost ten pounds by the end of summer and I went down a size. 

It was awesome! And there was no secret to it. I just ate right, watched my calories, didn't deprive myself, ran, and started weights. All of that gave me great results. And all that jazz about it being a lifestyle change is totally legit.

But the thing about lifestyle changes is that they can change back. I started slipping last fall. And then, well, you know, it's fall. It's like the Superbowl of eating - Halloween candy, comfort food, then Thanksgiving, and then it's just over. OVER. You might as well just wait until after the new year.

My life style changed back. And I was into those pesky sweets again. Then we quit the gym. Not because we're quitters, even though we totally are. But we decided to re-budget and couldn't swing that monthly payment at the time. We were moving, which consumed every ever-loving second. Do you need anymore excuses. 'Cuz I got 'em.

And here we are. A couple pounds heavier. A little poochier. A little rounder.

I'm In Shape Jr. Raglan
I tried really hard to be disciplined and work out at home. That worked for like a second. It's really hard to get motivated with a messy house and facebook staring at you. And when I did get the motivation, Lola got the motivation to want a piggy back ride IMMEDIATELY. And juice, too. 

So yesterday when my husband came home and said we should join the gym again, I was so completely on board. I actually love the gym. I love zoning out with my music blasting in my ears and workin' on my fitness. I missed it so hard. 

And that means we're in. Sixty three dollars a month says so. 

Womens This Isnt Sweat Racerback Tank Top

It's time for beast mode.

Beast Mode T-Shirt

It's time to drop it like it's hot. And...

Drop it like a SQUAT Mug

I want to be fit. I don't want to eat feathers and watermelon and call it a meal. I love eating and I refuse to give up any food group completely. I just don't think that's healthy. But I will make smart choices. And I will be working out regularly. I said it here. It's time to get swole. And not in the belly area.

Jr. Jersey T-Shirt

Funny shirts and mug, right? They're all from Cafepress.com! And, whaddya know, they're having a summer sale. Use code SUM65 for up to 65% selected products. But only until Thursday, guys! Jump on it!

As for me? I'll be at the gym. I PROMISE (MYSELF)!


  1. When I moved to my current city, I made sure to join a gym that was along my drive to work. That way if I don't get myself there before work, I feel so guilty and have to go after work! Can't wait to check out those shirts!

  2. I need to join a gym too. Time to kick my butt into shape!

  3. Morning! I'm now following your gorgeous blog via Bloglovin :-) Found you via the bloghop! Really please to be following you!

    Warmest regards,
    Leanne oxo


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