Tuesday Topics: Seven Things About Your Job

Tuesday Topics: Seven Things About Your Job.

My smoothies bring all my kids to the yard.
(I'll explain later.)

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Seven things about my job...

I laughed when I read this.

I'm a stay at home mom. That's my job. That was my dream job before anything else.

There are positives and negatives to every day. Not every day is made up of Betty Crocker moments. Sometimes I forget to read to my kids. Sometimes I count swimming as a bath. (I get that from my Gramma.) And sometimes around evening, if anyone asks me for another thing I think I might scream.

So here's seven more things about my dream job.

I'm a Momma!

My spawn. My job.

I love listening to Lola playing by herself in her make believe world. She sings to herself, makes up friends and assigns their personalities to stuffed animals, and gets lost in her own stories. My mom says I used to do the same thing.

I love getting to see every one of my son's smiles during the day that were at one time so rare and even non existent for a while.

And I love when my son finds out I'm making one of his favorite things to eat for dinner or when I tell him we're getting Costco pizza and he gets super happy and calls me the best mom in the world. Even if usually calls me that when he wants something.

I'm a shuttle.

I have to run kids around and I hate it. I always envisioned myself as this soccer mom happily driving the kids to and from their games and friends' houses and events. That's not me. I'm always giddy over a cancellation and finding out I don't have to go anywhere and I'm always excited to hear my oldest got a ride home after football practice. I'm just lazy and driving kids around makes me insane.

I'm a housekeeper. Sort of.

Part of my job is probably supposed to be cleaning. But I'm not good at it. I keep waiting for a maid to show up but she never does. And when I clean, my shadow follows behind me (Lola) undoing everything I just did.

And just forget about the never ending story that is laundry. I don't even want to discuss it.

I'm a wicked smoothie maker.

But instead of milkshakes it's smoothies. And instead of boys coming to my yard, it's my kids.

I love smoothies and so do my kids so it works out! I probably make them at least four times a week and my middle son is on a blended diet so I'm making his blends (which are pretty much the same thing) every few days.

I'm a chef and meal planner. More like a wannabe chef. But still.

I make dinner almost every night during the week. And we all have dinner around the table. Well, mostly, if I can get Lola to sit down for a second. I also meal plan for the week and write out my grocery list according to my plan. That's one of the most organized things I do. There's not much left after that.

I'm a physical therapist, occupational therapist, and speech therapist. All in one.

My middle son, Christian, needs all of the above. He gets actual professionals almost once a week for these services. In the mean time, I fill in!

I'm a liar. But it's for a good reason.

I told Lola that her Nana was sick so she couldn't go over to her house. Nana really was sick and Lola seemed to understand that and didn't throw too much of a tantrum about it. But then her sleep over with her friend was cancelled and so I told her it was because her friend was sick. She wasn't. But it still worked. And I'm going to keep using this until she catches on.

She also had two mosquito bites on her arm she wouldn't let me put anything on and they looked swollen. So I told her I was going to put magic dust on her arm to help the bumps go away. She totally bought it.

Lies. All lies.


  1. Haha love that last e card!! I can totally relate. :)

  2. I love this post - so true! Being a stay at home mom means you are a maid, a short order cook, a personal driver, plus so much more! It's exhausting. Those e-cards cracked me up!! My favorite thing about my job is that I get to stay home with my son, there are a few hours each week that I have to "work" but that's it.
    7 Things About My Job

  3. These are all so true. Being a stay at home mom is the best job there is. That last e card made me laugh out loud. I have definitly had days like that. People on pinterest seem to have everything under control and some days I am lucky to get pants on my child haha.

    I'm a new follower. I would love for you to come visit me at http://www.houseofathousanddreams.com

    1. Yes, Pinterest peeps really do have it together. So many great ideas and they all result in a mom who is far too ambitious. That would be me.

  4. Love your list and TOTALLY relate! lies need to happen almost every day.


    1. It's really true. And I'm totally okay with it.

  5. I love being a SAHM! It's been so rewarding. I cook dinner almost every day and I hate it. I was really hoping that after I did it for a while, I would start to enjoy it. I don't. I also am glad when things are cancelled. I'm such a homebody and never realized it until I had kids. I used to be gone a lot but it was because I needed to be out for work most of the time. Stopping by from Tuesday Topics!

  6. You rock! I hope I can be half the amazing mom you are! Oh and that e-card about picking up pizza. Story of my life....


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