MOMMA CANDY OF THE WEEK: Thank God for Air Conditioning


Thank God for Air Conditioning

It's Friday, you guys!

You know what that means? MOMMA CANDY OF THE WEEK!

I haven't done this in a long, LONG time but I was doing it back when I first started the blog as a way to recap all the positives or "CANDY" of the week. So I want to get back to that. Because it's fun to filter out all the bull, the negative, and the complaining in order to find the sweet stuff that happened all week. No matter how small it may be.

So here we CANDY this week!


Can we give it up for air conditioning? Let's just give a round of applause. I live in Arizona. Do I really need to elaborate?

Just in case you didn't pick up what I was droppin,' take a little look-see...


If you can't see that through the glare, that's my husband's truck. The temperature says 113 degrees. Bet you wished you live here, right?!

Now, I'm not a girl who minds heat. I prefer it. But it is so hot here nobody can do anything. A walk to the mailbox has to be worth it. Like, there better be ice cream waiting there.

So I'm super thankful for air conditioning.


Remember how I told you guys we joined the gym again? Well, I've been going regularly! I went three days in a row. I missed it so much. I'm a person who actually enjoys going to the gym and I didn't really know this about myself until last year. I like the "zone," which, to me, means blasting Macklemore in my ears, making no eye contact with anyone, and running my brains out. Sweat really is liquid awesome.


I'm really disappointed that I didn't document this event with a picture. But it's my bestie's birthday today and we decided to celebrate at IHOP. The rules were we had to bring the kids, we had to wear yoga pants, and we had to meet after 10 AM because we just can't be expected to get our shit together before 10 AM. 

The thing is, I broke one of the rules. I pulled out whatever looked like yoga pants from the dryer, half asleep this morning. By the time I got upstairs I realized I grabbed work out pants but I was too lazy to go back downstairs to get the intended yoga pants. It's all very ironic. And it gets even more so.

Then I arrive at IHOP in my work out pants and ordered Jelly Donut Pancakes. I think the whole morning was mocking me, really. Don't judge me about the Jelly Donut Pancakes, okay? I never go to IHOP and I had to try them. And, P.S., it was totally worth it and they do taste just like a jelly donut.

Jelly Donut Pancakes

And I only had two, not four, so that makes it way better.


We celebrated June birthdays again at Toby Keith's I Love This Bar. They have one here in my town. It was a lot of fun because I got to two-step and drink a fizzy little cup of heaven called the Ring of Fire. It had Fireball Whiskey, Butterscotch liquor, Sprite, and magic. 

Obligatory, grainy, dark bar photo. Instagram filters make things better.

Toby Keith's I Love This Bar

And she's the friend from the yoga pants birthday breakfast above. Happy birthday, Karen!

Plus, it's my dad's birthday today and my blogger friend, Lauren's birthday, too! Awesome people born in June, I tell ya.

So there was my CANDY for the week! Now you go!

What kind of candy did this week bring for you?


  1. Heck ya people who are born in June def rock!!! Mine was on Monday!!! Happy birthday to you. It's a little late!

    1. Thank you! Yes, we do rock! And happy birthday back!

  2. I love that you wore workout pants to buy jelly donut pancakes. That's my kind of birthday celebration, right there. :)

    Great blog!

    1. Well, I keep it real. And those jelly donut pancakes were totally and completely worth it. No regrets at all! Thanks for visiting!

  3. What a great list! I wish I could afford a gym, good for you for going! And I am LOVING Macklemore lately :)

    1. That song is the best! And, we definitely had to do some tight budgeting to afford it again. But it's totally worth it because the Y has programs for my kids, too.

  4. I love this list. Here in Texas I totally agree about ice cream waiting for you at the mailbox...that's why I send the kid out to get the mail. ;) For my birthday yesterday, my sweet friend wanted to take me to lunch and I warned her that I would be in work out clothes and covered in blackberry juice (from a messy morning of canning), she said she didn't care. Love her! Love her even more that we went to a hometown place called Porky's where I'm pretty sure they don't sell any kind of vegetables (you can seriously order corny dogs as a side.) It is my variation of jelly doughnut pancakes in yoga pants. :) Sounds like you had a wonderful week!

    1. Ha ha! Let's hear it for work out clothes that smell like fried food and bacon!!!

      Happy belated birthday, BTW!

  5. I AM WITH YOU! I love my air conditioning in Shorewood, IL! It can get so hot and without my AC I would die!

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  10. Yet in my experience, nothing transports people back to the Mesozoic Era quicker – in a retro sort of way – than a massive, flaking reptile with big teeth, influential jaws, and the ability to make lunch of you.


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