Ma Birthday

Yay for ma birthday!

It was ma birthday yesterday.

I turned 32!

I was once told by someone that they didn't know anyone that got as excited about their birthday as I did. 

It's true. Wednesday morning I was so excited, I almost couldn't go back to sleep. But I managed.

I like to make a big deal about it. I do the same thing for my kids and my husband. Although, my husband gets shafted because his birthday is December 29th. Ouch. I try to rally after the Christmas chaos but I'm not sure I rally as much as I should.

Anyway, back to me.

So it was ma birthday yesterday. My friend from Phoenix drove all the way down to where I live to take me out to lunch and day drink with me. 

She has cool hair, right? Her name is Lindsey Kardashian. Not really. 

She also got me a really cool gift that I plan to post a picture of as soon as I figure out where it's going.

Know another reason she came down? 

I got a tattoo and she came to sit with me!

Well, it was a tattoo makeover. 

Pictures and back story to come later, but first I really want to tell you about ma birthday!

After my ink session I went to dinner with my mom, husband, and kids and then went back home for cake with my bestie and grand parents. 

My oldest, my youngest, and me.

Everyone should have at least some form of cake. It's a rule.

And look what the bestie brought!

Oh, Momma.

This bucket of awesome has everything that is me. She filled it with a bunch of stuff (not shown) that was mango flavored and buffalo flavored. Not together. But those are two of my favorite flavors. Again, not together. I got Buffalo pretzels, mango jello, buffalo wheat thins, it was awesome! I also got the best chocolate in the world (Caramel and Sea Salt Lindt), and booze! Coffee Liquor, Moscato, and Strawberritas. It's a party in a bucket, ya'll!

And, yes, those are sparklers.

Party. in. a. bucket.

But, wait...I almost missed the best part.

That's right.

I was so spoiled. 

The cherry on top was my teenager getting up early (in teenageland that means 9:30) to walk (that's right, I said walk) all the way to Target to buy me Pitch Perfect for my birthday. 

(I love that movie!)

Fat Amy

So I had an awesome birthday. And I'm also pretty humbled and grateful that people care about me enough to put up with my obnoxious, over the top birthday excitement and the month-in-advance reminders that come with that.

Happy birthday to me!


  1. Happy Birthday Shauna! You received some wonderful gifts girl! Enjoy them ALL!


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