Happy Father's Day!

A Happy Father's Day to all.

How was every one's Father's Day weekend?

We had a really good one.

Friday we got to know our new neighbors. This is loosely translates to drank beers with them in their garage

So. many. Strawberritas.

Then Saturday I needed some inspiration for a Father's Day gift for my baby-daddy so I went browsing the mall for gift ideas. And maybe cute summer dresses. And maybe wedges. I mean, it was all so inspiring!

In my search for Father's Day gift inspiration I found this little pretty.

I've wanted one of these bracelets forever! And it was $2.99! It was so inspiring for Father's Day.

But seriously, baby-daddy had already chosen what he wanted from another store and got it on Saturday. But I still wanted to give him a gift on the actual day of fathers. So I got him some Guinness flip flops, a shirt from Old Navy and two big bags of beef jerky. Nice and manly.

Oh, and I also made him breakfast. Eggs and chorizo, breakfast potatoes, sausage, bacon (of course, bacon), and easy, white girl, chilaquiles (I'll be providing the ridiculously easy recipe in a future post).

I also wished my dad a Happy Father's Day!

Here's my dad and me on my wedding day.

Yes, that's a picture of a picture. But it's one of my favorites and  I can't find the digital version. 

It was a pretty awesome day yesterday celebrating - summer, barbecue, neighbors, chlorine scented kids. I just wanted to make sure my husband had a good day because he deserves it and makes me feel like a queen on Mother's Day. And most days, for that matter, unless he's pissing me off.

Happy Father's Day to all! 

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