Baking Fail: A Tale of Green Cake Pop Truffles

Baking Fail: A Tale of Green Cake Pop Truffles

When life gives you messed up cake, make Cake Pops. Or Cake Pop Truffles. And make sure they're green so everyone wonders what the hell you were thinking.

So I've mentioned I love baking, right? And I do it often. 

However, I never claimed to be a skilled dessert artist. Or even a seasoned baker. I consider myself to be a learning baker. I'm still making mistakes. A lot of them. It's part fun and part "What the eff was I thinking?!"

Take last weekend, for example. I volunteered to make the desserts for a family party. Typical me. It gives me an excuse to experiment with my Pinterest recipe file and it gives me an excuse to eat sweets.

The plan was that I was going to make a round lemon cake with cream cheese frosting. I'm not really into decorating cakes so I like easy ways to make cakes look like I put some sort of time into it. 

Enter this masterpiece.

If you're a Pinster, I'm sure you've seen it. I intended to make a single cake version of this madness. I've done it before and it's stupid easy. Bake the cake, frost, line outside with Kit Kats, fill top with a giant bag of M and M's, tie with a bow. Done. And it makes a big impact.

So I got to baking.

And this is what actually happened...

Like I said, I don't know what the eff I was thinking

Just picture smoke billowing out of my oven, house smelling like burnt cake, me shaking my head not knowing whether I should scrap the whole mess or salvage my project. 

My mistake, if it isn't obvious? For some reason I thought each round pan needed a full box cake mix instead of half. I seriously misjudged the size of my pans. 

Can I get a baking fail amen, please?

I allowed the cakes to finish their baking time, smoke filled house and all. And this is the masterpiece I came up with!

Aren't they gorgeous?!

The thing is that they were still perfectly good cakes, albeit ugly as sin. (The burning and smoking was from the overflowing cake mix hitting the bottom of the oven.)

So what's a girl to do with two seriously messed up cakes and a party to go to the next day?

Well, when life gives you messed up cakes, you make cake pops. Or, in my case, cake truffles since I had no sticks. Oh, and they're green because that was the only color of candy coating chips I had on hand from making my son's dinosaur cake pops. (I had sticks then.) Did I mention this party was a baby shower for twin girls? Winning!

This is how you turn your messed up cake into cake pops. Just watch.

Completely crumble your messed up cake.

The real cake pop way is to add frosting. I don't know how much it calls for, I think a whole can. I learned how to make these from my friend, Michelle, who actually paid attention to the recipe. I only use half the can of frosting because I like my cake pops to resemble cake and not mush. 

I decided not to even watermark this picture. Go ahead and steal it. I mean, everyone is after pictures of cake pop mush, right?

Ball it up and refrigerate it until they're solid.

This is where you'd put the stick in for the cake pops but I didn't have sticks so this is where I name them something cute like "truffles" or "bites."

Then you melt the candy coating chips according to the instructions. My melting method is 1 minute in the microwave, stir, then thirty seconds at a time until everything is melted. And I always use a glass bowl because that gives the best melting mojo, in my opinion.

And, remember, I only had green candy coating chips? So this is what happened.

I would laugh looking at this picture but they actually tasted really good. I probably prefer cake pops or cake truffles to regular cake anyway and everyone at the party seemed to like them, even if they were green. They were all gone so I take that as a win. I topped some of them with blueberries and some with M and M's.

Oh yeah, I wanted to find a use for all those Kit Kat's and M and M's I bought for the original work of art. So I took my homemade brownie recipe, poured 2/3 of the batter in, added Kit Kats, poured the rest of the batter over, and baked as usual.

I brought these to the party, too. I preferred the brownies to stand on their own, but I was looking to use all my resources. I didn't want to be wasteful!

As if the Kit Kats wouldn't have been eaten anyway.

So really, this is my tale of a baking fail turned into something edible. It's like baking recycling. It's the "green" way to bake.

Am I reaching? 



  1. Okay you are invited to my house for a party and you can bring dessert... :-)

  2. This post made me smile as I remembered the first cake I baked for my late hubby when we were dating. He was a big baker and bought me a springform pan of my own. I baked a cake and took it out and showed him all proud etc. When I opened the pan the entire cake CRUMBLED onto the floor. The cake was not cooked! I remember crying and was embarrassed. Turned out my oven wasn't working! I laugh now when I remember that, but thankfully I tried again after I got a new oven! Now I love to bake! Wish I could have made pops!! Great idea!

  3. Shauna, girl you made me laugh! We've all had our baking catastrophes. One time I put olive oil instead of regular oil in a mix. What a catastrophe! I love your GREEN way of dealing with things. You turned a BAD situation into a GOOD situation. So I applaud you!

    1. Why, thank you!

      And how did the olive oil cake taste? What happened to the cake? Did it bake correctly?

  4. You are so funny! The "Green" way to bake! I love it! I think you did an awesome job!! :)

  5. Love, love, love the Kit Kat cake. Gonna try it this weekend. No occasion, just want some CAKE!!

    1. Did you try it? How did it turn out?

  6. I seriously hate baking because I usually fail BIG TIME and it is so frustrating to me to put all that time and effort into a baking fail. But that's so genius to turn the cake into cake truffles! My brain just doesn't work that way. I'd cry and cuss and throw it all away, ha ha! It all looks and sounds amazing!

  7. Hi Shauna - I couldn't click on "reply" above- not sure why...

    No, I didn't have time to do the Kit Kat cake this past weekend - family stuff got in the way! Will try this coming one and let you know how it goes! (Even if it doesn't turn out as pretty as yours, how could it be bad with all those beautiful ingredients!!!)


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