What's That Brown Thing?

What's That Brown Thing?

This weekend kicks off the start of summer. 

So what do Arizonans do when it's summer? We swim. If you have small children, please look into Infant Swim Resource classes. It's an amazing program like no other and Lola has been an ISR student since she was six months old. Check it out! 

Lola just completed her refresher and we wanted to practice today. Of course, she fools around when it's me and not the instructor. So we hung out in the pool while she kicked and splashed around and told me "No!" a lot.

And then there's my dog. Her name is Ruby and she's an overweight, tubby Cockapoo. She loves to swim. From the moment she took her first leap into the pool she was like a swimming dog robot. Autopilot all the way. And you can't stop her. If she sees any human dip so much as a toe in the water, she takes it as a sign that it's time to swim. She does laps. Back and forth, biting and growling at the water. She is nuts.

Well, today as we were hanging out in the pool, Ruby was swimming back and forth, back and forth. Only resting on the step for a quick second before she started her autopilot swim again. I looked down and noticed something dark at the bottom of the pool. That's pretty common to have debris in the pool with wind and dry stuff everywhere so I didn't think much of it.

Whatever it was at the bottom of the pool drifted over to my foot and skimmed my toe. It was soft. Was it food? You know, because food gets soft in the water. No. We didn't have any food outside.

I'm holding onto to Lola and watching Ruby. And I realize. MY DOG POOPED IN THE POOL! 


And then I also realize that not only was it that funny looking dark think next to me, but there was more all along her autopilot lap route. GROSS!

Sorry, Ruby. No more swimming for you. Not ever. 

She looks innocent here but she is SO NOT INNOCENT!


  1. OMG that's hilarious!! Poor puppy, just like a kid, didn't want to miss out on any of the fun!

    1 Crazy Daisy and 3 Pokey Joes

    1. I know! She just couldn't make herself get out!

  2. ohhhh no! hahahaha great story Shauna! continue enjoying the holiday weekend doll.

  3. Oh no! Well I hope the rest of your holiday is happy and filled with a little less dog poop


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