Tuesday Topics: Nine Pictures of You and Your Spouse

Tuesday Topics

Nine Picture of You and Your Spouse/Bestie

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Upon first look, this week's Tuesday Topics was a little intimidating.

Nine pictures of my spouse and me.

Of course we have a ton of pictures of us together but they're all recent. And I want some blasts from the past! So what did I do? I headed off to good ol' Photobucket to look deep inside my photo albums circa 2007. I found some good ones. And then scoured  my facebook albums for more.

A lot of memories. This Tuesday's Topic went from intimidating to nostalgic in a quick second.

The photos will not appear in chronological order. They just appear in the random fashion in which I found them.

My first and only maternity photo shoot. Eight months pregnant with my second son, Christian. 2008

Walking to the Disneyland entrance. 2009

The place where I wish I was right now. I was still pregnant with Christian but I really wanted a picture on the balcony of El Capitan in my cute maternity shirt. Rocky Point, Mexico. 2009

Our teeny, tiny wedding picture. I have no idea why it is so small but that's how Photobucket gave it to me. And I felt obligated to have at least one wedding picture. 2006


New Years Eve, 2010. He's in a tie! And this is one of the first times I had been out after having Lola.

Halloween, 2004. Our first Halloween together. Yes, that's a wisk for a hand.

Houghton Lake, Michigan. 2009. Damn, it was cold!

One of my current favorite pictures. Las Vegas, 2013. Seventh anniversary.

And another one of my very favorites. Family photo shoot, 2013.


  1. That view from your Mexico balcony looks amazing!
    And the whisk from his Halloween costume is golden! Haha gotta improvise!

  2. what great photos! i love that maternity shot!

  3. I love all of these pictures of you two! :-)

  4. Absolutely amazing photos. Such a cute couple

  5. Shauna, these are so great! I can feel the love between you two in each picture! I love that! Thanks for sharing doll and you did a great job putting these together for this.

  6. Such beautiful pictures.
    Love the Vegas one.
    Thanks for sharing.



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