They made me Momma.

It's Mother's Day!

I became a mother almost fifteen years ago. I can't even believe I will have a fifteen year old.

But here it is...the first picture of me as a Momma, circa 1998.

Isaac Gabriel initiated me into motherhood. He is my first and I didn't realize he was only just the beginning of what would prepare me for later. I was driven because of him. He was such a chill kid. He wasn't the kid that gets into everything, screams in the store, throws tantrums. He was always laid back and down for anything. He was the easiest little boy. I would pay for that later with Lola.

 photo SANY0475.jpg

Christian Andres was 9 pounds at 39 weeks. When this picture was taken I didn't like it. I thought I looked fat and I had no makeup on. Christian was probably only a few days old here. But now? That's one of my favorite pictures. Big boobs, double chin, no makeup. But it's just me and just him. I love it.

Christian has shown me what it is to love a child so much it literally hurts. He has been my greatest teacher showing me a side of motherhood I was blind to before him.

And then there's "little" Lola. "Little" Lola Magdalene has a giant personality. She is crazy, loud sunlight. She brought joy to us when we needed it most. And I don't have a single picture of me holding her in her first days. Chalk it up to me not having a smart phone at the time so I couldn't take a hundred mommy-baby selfies added with having a toddler with severe special needs and a teenager. 

Anywho, remember me mentioning Gabe being so easy and relaxed? Lola makes up for all that. She is constant energy, exploration, loud noises, and she's so cute I can't even stand it most days.

These descriptions are merely snippets of all they really are. But they made me. They're the best thing I've ever done and the best thing I will ever do.


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  1. Yep, it's wonderful being a mom, isn't it!!

    Happy Mother's Day!

  2. Shauna, these were so cool! Great mommy experiences. There's nothing like it. Your babies were gorgeous doll. Have a great week.

  3. I love Lola's middle name. Happy Mother's Day to you. Your children are blessed to have a devoted woman like you as their mama.


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