Seven Reasons Why Vegas Rocked

Seven Reasons Vegas Rocked

We are back from Vegas! 

And I already miss it. 

It was just so much fun. We did so many things we kept joking about it feeling like we went for a week instead of just a few days.

Reasons why Vegas with my husband rocked my socks off.

1. No kids.

I love my kids pretty fiercely. But I also love my husband and we get this one chance a year to be just us for a few days. We get to do whatever we want, sleep in, and come and go as we please. 

Going as we please.

One mimosa down before the plane even took off. It was 9:30 in the morning. Which brings me to the next awesome Vegas thing...

2. Day drinking.

Day drinking, evening drinking, night drinking. It really doesn't matter and it's all acceptable in Las Vegas.

Nobody got out of hand. Nobody got sick. We're grown ass adults and this time we acted like it. Kind of.

3. The sights.

There is just so much to see in Vegas! Every hotel has a difference scene. There are street performers, water features, strange people, beautiful properties, it's over stimulation of the senses.

View from our window. New York, New York Casino and Hotel.

View from Bubba Gumps, Las Vegas. It over looks the strip.

Cosmopolitan Hotel. Everything is engulfed in chandeliers and pink light.

4. The shows.

We saw our first Vegas show! Peep Show with Coco from Ice Loves Coco

Close your eyes if you're offended by bikini clad women. 
Come on, guys, it's Vegas.


5. Pool time.

This was probably one of my favorite parts of the trip. Lounging by the pool sipping a margarita or five.



6. Where we stayed.

If you're wondering where we stayed, we stayed at Hooters Casino Hotel. We've already done the Vegas strip hotel deal and we know the drill. So we chose Hooters because 1) we're classy like that and 2) their rates blow everyone else out of the water. They also throw in extra freebies like food and beverage credits. 

Oh yeah, and 3) we like chicken wings.

Um, of course, I bought a Hooters shirt to commemorate the occasion.

7. Momma Candy!

Hi. Welcome to my house.

Las Vegas

This candy display is from New York, New York Hotel and Casino. That behind me is a Statue of Liberty made entirely from Jelly Belly jelly beans. Every inch is covered.

Yum. Shellacked jelly beans.

But look at the size of that candy!

And a girl after my own heart.

New York, New York

Right?! That's what I'm sayin'!

So there you have it. Seven reasons why our Vegas trip rocked for seven years of marriage. Know what the best thing about the trip was? 

Hanging out with this dude.


  1. I am so glad you guys had fun! Looks like a great trip!!

  2. Wait a minute...did you day drink at a place called "Evening?" That is AWESOME.

    1. The answer is yes. Yes, we did. Next, evening drinking at a place called morning.

  3. Shauna, you two had an awesome time! You looked fabulous girl. That statue of liberty made out of jelly beans is amazing! HaHa She would've been missing a crown, because I would've eaten it. HaHa

  4. I love Vegas!! Going back in June.
    Looks like you had so much fun. It really is an adults playground.
    Glad you enjoyed it.


    1. Perfect way to describe it - an adult's playground!

      And you are so lucky you get to go back in June!!!

  5. I love Vegas so much!! It looks like you guys had a lot of fun!!


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