Giving Money as a Gift: Dress Up a Money Gift with Candy

Giving Money as a Gift

Dress Up a Money Gift with Candy

(Because what else would I suggest?)

Graduation season is upon us!

And what do kids want for graduation? You guessed it! They want a nice card, a collared button up shirt, a book on etiquette, and maybe a cooking class.


They want cash!

And it isn't just for graduation. That's all my teenager wants every day, all day. Money. For Christmas, birthdays, Thursdays, it doesn't matter. 

But there's a problem with this. I hate giving money as a gift. I hate giving gift cards, too. Unless I'm in a huge hurry or can't come up with something, I always try to get something more personal.

So here's the dilemma: My son wants cash gifts and I want to do something personal, creative, and decoratable. (I just made that a word.)

But then I came across this idea at Simply J Studio

Favorite candy & gift for the hard-to-buy-for teen. Idea for that college bound kid!

I thought it was awesome! I could give cash, which is, let's face it, the perfect gift for young people, teenagers, and graduation, but I could also decorate it! And because I love candy and I love giving candy and sweets to others, how can I not do this forever and ever?! 

You know what makes this type of gift idea even more awesome??? It involves food. Teenagers love money and food. This is what I know.

Last Christmas these were left under the tree for my teenager.

Super simple? Yep. But it's still better than just handing over the dough.

I gave this gift a to our friend's daughter for her fourteenth birthday.

It's so much more fun than just giving cash.

You can put your own twist on it. That's what makes it fun. Use someone's favorite candy bar, add labels and tags, ribbons and bows. Not sure my son appreciates that part but Mommy likes it!


  1. What an awesome idea! I love it! Thanks for sharing this doll :)

  2. Oh gosh what's better than candy itself?? Candy with Money strapped to it! I wish I was graduating from something haha!

  3. Hi dear!
    Nice blog ^_^

    I follow you via gfc and bloglovin! follow me back? let me know :-)

    kisses, Andrea!!! *_*

  4. They want a nice card, a collared button up shirt, a book on etiquette, and maybe a cooking black scoop neck dress.

  5. This is excellent post. Its having good description regarding this topic . It is informative and helpful. I have known many information from this.

  6. Last Christmas these were Club Dresses under the tree for my teenager.


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