A Cupcake Bouquet: I get it from my Momma!

A Cupcake Bouquet:

I Get It From My Momma

Mother's Day is tomorrow and I'm prepping. That involves baking and sweet stuff.

I love Mother's Day and I'm looking forward sleeping in. Especially because my youngest has been waking up super early. I checked the clock on Wednesday when she woke up and it read 5:57 in the morning. And then Thursday was even earlier. I'm not even kidding. I've already secured Dad. Sleeping in is happening tomorrow.

Back to tonight's happenings...I baked. While baking strawberry cupcakes I was thinking to myself about the women in my life, the mothers that came before me, and the mothers that mothered me.

I get almost all my creativity from my mom. She was a really great "kid" mom, always finding creative things for us to do - working with clay, painting, camping, exploring outside, hiking. We almost always gave gifts to friends and relatives that were homemade. That's probably where I get my do it yourself spirit. She gardens. At every house she has lived in since I was little she has grown amazing gardens. I don't garden. I bake.

I have two aunts that live near me that have been in my life enough to rub off on me a little. I have an Aunt Candy. No joke. But only her nieces and nephews call her that. Everyone else calls her by her full name. I won't hear of it. She bakes and creates amazing desserts. Maybe that's where I get my love of baking from.

My Aunt Wendy is more like a sister or a cousin than an aunt. We were neighbors for years, we watch Dancing With the Stars together, we've gone on vacation together, we're pretty tight. And she's stronger for many reasons I won't mention here. But, trust me, she's a tough chick.

My Gramma has been in my life since I was little. She used to bring over apple soda and let us eat chocolate chip cookie dough when my mom was a health nut. She is there when anybody needs anything, plain and simple. And she adores my kids. Adores them.

It was just my sister and I growing up. She doesn't live near me but we talk on the phone a lot, mostly about the Housewives. We've both entered motherhood early in life and we both have three kids each. I love my seester. I would trip a girl on the bus for her. (That actually happened.)

So the point to this post is I'm just celebrating where I come from this Mother's Day. Acknowledge where you come from and the mothers that made you.

And if you're a man and you're reading this and you have a mother - yours or your children's - don't be a douche. Do something for her. Acknowledge her and all that she does. Let her sleep in. Clean the house. Buy her flowers. Women like that. Even when they pretend they don't. 

And in the spirit of baking and creativity...

I saw an example of this on my friend's facebook. I couldn't find the original source since it was facebook and it's been shared thousands of times. But it looked easy enough for me to attempt to do it myself!

I made half a batch of mini cupcakes and half a batch of regular cupcakes. I used floral foam but Styrofoam works, too. Then I just used toothpicks to make the cupcakes stay put. Strawberry cupcake with white frosting. It's for my mom so don't tell her about it!

It's okay. I'm pretty sure she doesn't read this blog. The secret is safe.



  1. Lovely! I'm linking over, considering you a happy creative mom blogger.

  2. Shauna, you had some delightful women family members in your life! Your mom, aunts and grandmother were FUN!!! Hope you had a great mothers day! That strawberry cupcake bouquet was too cute! Great job doll :D

  3. So cute! I was actually hoping to have time to make cupcakes for this weekend and give them to my sister in law and mom. You did an excellent job!


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