Wall Collage: Tell Your Story.

Wall Collage

Tell Your Story.

I love a wall collage. 

Probably because of my daily practicing of more is more. I always choose adding instead of taking away when it comes to decorating. And my tastes favor variety so naturally, I'm drawn to a good wall collage.

The problem in my old house was that there weren't a lot of walls to decorate. So I would see really cute stuff and I had my arsenal of things to hang on walls and I wouldn't have anywhere to put anything. So off they went into storage.

Now I have more wall space then I know what to do with! Just kidding. I know EXACTLY what to do with all of it! In due time...

The first wall in my house I knew what to do with was the wall above our bed. I technically started this wall in the previous house so it wasn't hard to put together again.

TIP: When designing a wall collage, group collections or things that are alike together. And on the flip side of that, if you have a collection of something - dishes, photos, shells, old records, chargers - make a wall collage!

(I learned this from watching the Nate Berkus show. What ever happened to that show? It had the best design advice!)

So this is what I came up with.

Everything on this wall has a story that relates back to us and our wedding day. I didn't plan the collage this way, I just happened to have a few of these things either in storage or in random spots. So I picked a theme (us!), and put it all together.

Here's the story.

wall plaque

The piece above is from my mom. She's a very talented artist and she made this Day of the Dead wall plaque before we were married. I wanted it for yeeeears (probably only two years)and I asked begged and she wouldn't give it up. Finally a few years after we were married, she let me have it! It's all ceramic clay and grout and the roses are 3D. It's a traditional bride and groom.

The top picture is of both of us when we first saw each other on our wedding day. It was hanging in our old bedroom, then in the hall, storage for a short time, and it finally found its home.

The bottom picture that says "You & Me" was an end cap score at Target. It pulled everything together.

The picture above is of my original wedding bouquet. I had it in a glass cylinder vase forever but, honestly, I didn't really like anymore. I couldn't fathom just tossing it. Ha ha! Get it? So I used this vase holder thingy that used to hold shells and I tossed my bouquet inside. 

I didn't really toss it. If you toss that thing it would burst into a million little dried flower pieces.

Above the bouquet is a giant sand dollar I bought in Mexico after we were married. When we go to Mexico he gets up really early when the tide goes out and searches for perfect sand dollars.

TIP: Spacing is entirely up to you. I usually prefer a symmetrical collage but I'm starting to lean toward the random look. And because of the size of the wall plaque I chose to put everything else a little off center on purpose.

Put it all together with my DIY Lamp Shade Project and whaddya get?

The story of us.

And we're celebrating that story this weekend. Sunday will be our seventh wedding anniversary! 

Go us!


  1. Very nice! Congrats on seven years! My hubby and my six is coming in Sept! I like the You & Me sign and I love shopping the endcaps at Target! The best deals are there!



  2. Beautiful! I love wall collages, and honestly since our house is little and we have very little wall space, it means that most of our walls are covered in collages so as to have a place for all our pictures. Also happy early anniversary!!!
    <3 Kimbra

  3. Love! I'm working on one for our living room right now!

  4. The color combinations flow so well. I like that you keep such meaningful sentiments around your bed. :)


  5. I love the piece from your mom and I wish I had my wedding bouquet...

  6. Love this! I am working on trying to get a few wall collages done for our home. We just moved here 3 months ago and I still have horribly bare walls. You have provided me with some inspiration- thank you! :)

  7. hey shauna! that's a really neat idea. i love the personalization of it all. i'm following you on bloglovin now so i can keep up with your posts. i hope you stop by Freed's or order a cake. they're really good. you two have a great trip! i put another post up if you want to see it before your trip. it shows some videos too. have a safe and good one.


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