Tuesday Topics: Three Pieces of Jewelry

Tuesday Topics

Three Pieces of Jewelry

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Linking up for Tuesday Topics again! 

THREE Pieces of Jewelry.

I love jewelry and I love meaningful jewelry even more. 

I can't pick only three!

You've already seen my current favorite necklace from Whole Soul Jewelry. So I won't count that this time. Just know, it's one of my favorites.

Wedding Rings

I wear them every day. 

When we got married, with all the planning we kind of forgot to buy bands. So we literally purchased wedding bands the night before and day of the wedding! I actually love my band a little more than the engagement ring. But I love them both because they're sparkly even when they're dirty. Like right now.


I got this necklace on a retreat I went on last year full of a bunch of really strong, tough, and very special moms. We went to a fall festival and we found Tiffany at Whimsical Details. Tiffany makes the cutest bubble and charm necklaces. I chose "Fly" to represent a whole bunch of stuff that deserves another blog post. The charm is a heart with wings for my "tribe."

Gramma's Ring

I begged my Gramma for this ring forever! It's her birth stone - sapphire. It was my something borrowed and something blue.

And a BONUS!

Best Friends

Remember those awesome (not really) best friend necklaces from the 80s and 90s. Well, while searching on Pinterest, I came across these "Best Friends" necklaces. I loved them! No, I don't have a thing for whales and neither does my bestie. But the whales seemed so random is was perfect! I gave the "Best" part to my BFF for her birthday last year and I kept "Friends." Because I like presents to be self serving. I got the necklaces here.  


  1. I love your wedding and grandmothers ring. So pretty!

  2. Your gramma's ring is stunning! I would love something similar.

  3. Love your jewelry pieces :) Esp your grandma's ring--that's my birthstone too!

  4. Well no secret I love the whole soul necklace you have and I absolutely love your grandma's ring! So beautiful!

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  6. Love that Fly necklace! And so much more special that you have a meaningful story to go with it!
    Stopping by from Tuesday Topics!

  7. I love accessories and most importantly the rings. I have a huge collection of platinum and diamond rings in my wardrobe. I just love your grandmother's ring; it is so lovely I must say.
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  9. I love the first image of your wedding ring - matches your engagement ring very well. Its great to wear jewellery as live is meant to be lived. I got my wedding ring here. Its one of the curved wedding rings and is a matching band which I think looks best. Your necklace looks fab too.


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