The Easter Bunny Brought It.

The Easter Bunny Brought It.

The Easter Bunny came today!

I always look forward to Easter because it's such a symbol of renewal and spring and everything in bloom.

When I was growing up my mom always made our Easter spread special. We rarely received traditional Easter baskets. My mom would put our Easter goodies in small purses with plastic grass. One year she gave us umbrellas she opened up and flipped upside down. All the grass and chocolate eggs were in the open portion of the umbrella. She was always finding ways to be creative using functional things to hold that plastic grass and those chocolate eggs.

When I had kids I wanted to carry on the tradition. But, of course, because I never got those prepackaged Easter baskets from the store THAT'S exactly what I wanted. So for a few years I did buy my first son those prepackaged baskets. That was until I realized they lost their luster quickly with hardly anything worth keeping inside. Now, I'm not saying I'd never buy them again. Just saying I'd rather do it myself.

So, I went back to the make-your-own basket way of doing Easter. It's a lot more fun for me. I even put together a basket for my husband. He never got baskets growing up so the first year I gave him one he was so excited. Just like a kid! So I continued the tradition for him, too.

The spread...

Okay. So I know this looks over the top. When I took the picture I thought it looked a tad obnoxious. But it looks like so much because I don't use traditional basket to house everything. It spreads out! And I like a presentation! I want everyone to be excited when they wake up and see it.

Let me break it down for you.

This was Lola's "basket." I found the cutest little Hello Kitty watering can in the gardening section at Target and I thought it was perfect to hold her Easter goodies. She got a toothbrush (it's a tradition for us!), Pez, Sour Patch Bunnies (maybe Mommy will hide these for herself later), and a few other things from Target's dollar section.

This was Christian's "basket." It was a froggy hat filled with bubbles, a toothbrush, silly putty, and other Target dollar section loot. He also got a chocolate scented bunny, which is a perfect sensory basket filler.

This was Gabe's "basket." It's a garbage can for his room, which he needed. I filled it with his favorite snacks - pop tarts, Takis - and a lot of chocolate. Plus Protein powder, which he had been asking for. Surprise! You get it for Easter.

This is the husband's "basket." I found a barbecue platter and piled some of his favorite snacks on top. I also added a case of Sam Adams Summer Seasonal beers. Mostly because I saw one of the flavors was something to do with blueberry and I wanted to try it. Everything eventually finds a way back to benefiting me.

I also talked to a friend online who's amazing with Easter Baskets and I've determined that the Easter bunny should leave Momma a basket from now on. You know, so the kids don't get confused. And maybe it'll be in the form of a purse. So what. Who cares? It's for the kids!

We had a great Easter and it was extra fun because Lola really got into the egg hunt this year. She was hopped up on chocolate for the rest of the day! We spent time with family in the evening and finished the day, appropriately, with the season finale of the Walking Dead.

Side note: I feel so much better! Thank you all for your well wishes! I said a little prayer last night that I would be over this crap and feel better today. I woke up feeling so much better! Happy Easter to me!

See? Watering cans make perfect egg collectors.


  1. Wow, such cute ideas!
    I love the creativity makes it so much more fun.



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