Review: Personal Creations

Review: Personal Creations

When Personal Creations contacted me about checking out their custom gift site, my first thought was..Just in time for Mother's Day!

I'm not usually this ahead of schedule. It is almost a month away. I mean, only four more Sundays until Mother's Day and Personal Creations gave me the perfect opportunity to plan ahead. 

What the what? No last minute gifts? Who am I?

Anyway, I'm a girl who loves, loves, loves a personalized gift. I swear, put my name on anything in a pretty font and it's instantly my favorite gift in the world! To me, it's just extra thoughtful and I love it.

When I was browsing through the Personal Creations website I saw more personalized options than this girl could handle! 


In all my excitement I realized this would, in deed, be a perfect option for Mother's Day! So I started thinking about my mom and what would fit her best.

My mom makes pies. She makes cobblers and pies all summer long and we get the fruits of her labor. Literally.

So when I saw this pie dish I knew it was pretty perfect.

Pie Baking Dishes

I could choose anything I wanted for customization so I appropriately chose "Nana's Pies." Straight to the point, I think.

The pie dish is of really good quality. It's heavy, durable, and looks like it could hold up for years, even serving as something to pass down.

And I gave it to her early just so she can start making pies! 

She promises to make pies and share them. 

Okay, so she didn't promise to share, I added that. But I'm pretty sure at some point we'll get some pie.

But, wait...right before I was about done with my purchase I found this beauty.

Galvanized Beverage Tub

It was perfect for us! When we have a birthday party and get-togethers, we usually just throw all the drinks in a cooler. And, I know that's super classy, but one of these tubs would be so much better!

I couldn't help myself. I ordered it. And customized it with our last name. When I finally got it in my hands, I felt the need to have some type of event so I could use it immediately. So I invited my bestie over for a stay in-movie watching date with pizza, junk food, candy, and...drinks!

I've also found other uses for a metal tub like this. Serving ice cream, planting flowers...this thing is awesome!

So my shopping experience with Personal Creations garnered an early Mother's Day gift for mom and a little something for me, as always.

If you're interested in doing some Mother's Day shopping for a special mom in your life or just for yourself click here for coupon codes!

Happy Mother's Day in April, Mom! By the way, can you babysit this weekend?

I was in no way paid or monetarily compensated to review the above mentioned products. I was simply given the opportunity to try a complimentary product from


  1. I want one of those tubs! And I love Magic Mike.

  2. What a cute idea. This pie dish would be perfect for my mother in law!


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